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Internal GU Internship Posting Form

Students from every discipline within Gonzaga are seeking quality internships to add to their education and professional development. If your Gonzaga department has an internship to offer that would create a quality opportunity for a student seeking experiential learning, please complete the following form. Internship Evaluation forms are also available for your use. If you have questions or request assistance in constructing an internship for your department, please contact Chris Ryman, Internship Manager at or x4092.

Before completing the form below, please review the Criteria that distinguishes a Gonzaga internship.

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Step 1. Complete the following:
Internship Title: (i.e., Research Intern,
Marketing Intern, Assessment Coordinator Intern)
Campus Address/Location:
Start Date & End Date: to
Optional Notes:
Interview Process (determined by individual department):
Desired major(s) or field(s) of study:
Step 2. Describe the general focus of the internship. Indicate how it is reflective/inclusive of GU Baccalaureate Goals.
The focus of this internship:
Baccalaureate Goals: Check all that apply.
1. Knowledge developed through the practices of liberal humanistic learning
2. Intellectual and practical skills (thinking, communicating, quantifying, problem solving, specializing, integrating, imagining)
3. Habits of mind and heart (reflection, ethical reasoning & action, civic, cultural & intercultural engagement, a commitment to a just society and world, a commitment to develop one’s mind, body & spirit)
4. A thoughtful, evolving spirituality (discerning one’s faith and vocation, becoming men and women for others)
Responsibilities can/will include:
Step 3. Briefly indicate learning objectives/outcomes.
At the close of the internship the student will:
1. Increase their general understanding/skills in the following:
2. Complete tasks/projects for the department resulting in:
3. Gain professional development/awareness in the following areas:
4. Other:
Step 4.

Additional Information:
The internship will consist of Hours per
Compensation $ per or if UNPAID, check here:
Will student be earning academic credit?: Yes No
If yes, please follow application with approval by: Dept. Chair Dean

Application Process:
Students will apply online through This internship will be posted in ZagTrax for you by Career Center staff.
Applicants should submit the following documents with application:
Cover Letter
Letters of Recommendation
Writing Samples
Soon after clicking submit below, a confirmation email will be sent to you with all completed fields above and the ZagTrax internship posting number.