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Success Stories & Recognitions

Gonzaga Graduates are Changing the World!

With so many successful students and graduates, it is hard to choose just a few!  Below are some featured stories.

Graduate School Success Stories

Lauren Kuhn

"After finding study partners and meeting friends with similar goals, I felt that my dream of becoming an orthodontist wasn’t out of reach. I found that professors were readily available and they never made me feel bad for having questions. I think that by not being afraid to set my sights high and by asking questions, I was able to succeed. Most importantly, following my passions was vital to my accomplishments..."  Read More »

-Lauren Kuhn ‘13
Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Employment Success Stories

Dane Pavlik

"...I took a chance on creating a job for myself at a bank and now I am happily employed. It is never too early to start looking and contacting companies. In fact, the companies I contacted during the fall of my senior year are still calling me (nearly a year later) and asking for interviews and making offers. If you are proactively looking for what you want, you will find it..."  Read More »

-Dane Pavlik ‘13
Retail Banking Business Analyst, Opus Bank
Business Administration, Finance & Marketing

Jordan Madrid

"...I also did a lot of work to prepare during my time in college. First off, I took advantage of opportunities at Gonzaga (personality tests, mentorship advice, the Gonzaga Trek, taking classes outside my major, etc.), and found out my strengths/weaknesses early on, which allowed me to pursue opportunities that fit my interests. One major contributor that helped me identify and define my strengths was CLP..."  Read More »

-Jordan Madrid ‘13
Account Coordinator, Waggener Edstrom
Business Administration, Marketing

Service Success Stories

Amanda Walsh

“I got really interested in Peace Corps my junior year of High School. I decided that I wanted to do something more than become a teacher here in the United States. The Peace Corps is doing great things around the world and I just really wanted to be part of something greater than myself…”  Read More »

-Amanda Walsh ‘12
Peace Corps
French & International Relations


GU is Number One

Employer Testimonials

Gerry Simpson, VP of Operations, Rescue/Sterling International, Inc.:  “[We have] enjoyed remarkable success hiring Gonzaga interns..." 
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Heather Beckman, Recruiter, Scribes STAT, Inc.: “Our managers are so happy with the Gonzaga students/alumni’s performance on the job..." 
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