Purchasing Permits 

Permits for the 2014-2015 school year go on sale August 15!

Parking permits may be purchased at the Campus Public Safety and Security Office, lower level of Welch Hall. When registering your vehicle, the following information is required:

1. Name, address and student or employee ID # (no SSN).
2. Year, make, model, and color of vehicle
3. State of registration and license plate number
4. Signed registration form acknowledging receipt of regulations and agreement to abide by them.

Purchase your permit on-line and save time! Beginning August 15th, parking permits may also be purchased online at:

You will need your vehicle license plate and Gonzaga ID number! If you do not know your student ID # you may contact the Registrar's office 509-313-6592.  Print out a copy of your receipt and bring it with you to the Security Office at Welch Hall to pick up your permit. 

Permit Display

Parking permits shall be displayed as directed from the time of purchase (lower driver’s side front windshield or rear view mirror). It is permissible to move your parking permit from one vehicle to another; however, all vehicles using that parking permit must be registered and only one of the vehicles can be on campus at a time. Parking is assigned by lot (color-coded) and the vehicle is authorized only in the lots designated by the color of the permit purchased. All motor vehicles with current permits are allowed to park in any green or silver lot. Gonzaga community members who do not purchase permits and park on University property are subject to citation and/or administrative action. For Permit Display and Parking Tips click here.

Where To Park

The following list will help you determine where your permit allows you to park. To view a Campus Map click on the Parking Map link in the Quicklink box to the right.

Red Decal (non residential, Staff/Faculty)

                                                                                                                                 Red Parking Sign                

                                     Administration Building,   COG                       
                                     South side of Herak & Hughes                             
                                      Jepson Center (lower lot)                                    
                                        East side of International House                         
                                          Schoenberg (east side)                                    
                                  Northwest corner at Martin Centre                     
             and McCarthey Athletic Center (east lot)  
                         Law School (southwest corner)                     
               St Gregory’s Choral Building (south side) 

Green Decal (non-residential, Student)Yellow Decal

        Green Permit Sign      

Martin Centre and Baseball Stadium
Jepson Center (upper lot)
Boone and Van Gorp
Schoenberg (west side)
West Burch along Pearl

Yellow Decal (residential, Students)

Yellow Permit Sign

Student Residence Halls/Apts

ORANGE DECAL (non-residential, Law Students)
Law School (Student lot

SILVER DECAL  (non-residential, Night Students)
Valid in South Trent lot anytime, and
all non-residential lots only after 5pm

President Council Members only
Valid in All Lots: Not Valid in Carpool, Visitor or Handicap Stalls.

TEAL DECAL (residential, Corkery only)
Corkery Apts.
BLUE DECAL (non-residential, Carpool)
Valid in all unreserved and designated car pool stalls

PURPLE DECAL (residential, Rental)
GU owned Rental Properties

Custodial/CCNSS only
Valid in all lots, not valid in carpool, visitor or handicap stalls

PINK DECAL (non-residential)
Dual Enrollment/Adjuncts/Distance Learners