Parking Citations

What to do after you get a Citation

When individuals receive parking citations on Gonzaga University’s campus, they have three options to comply with the University’s Parking Rules and Regulations:

  1. Pay fines
  2. Mitigate the circumstances for consideration of fine reduction
  3. Appeal citation

Information coming soon on how to pay a fine and mitigate or appeal a citation online.

Below are some non-valid reasons for appealing a citation:

  1. Ignorance of the Parking Rules and Regulations
  2. Running late
  3. Someone else using your vehicle
  4. “No other parking available” (lot or lots full)
  5. Brief parking or drop-off

All requests for Mitigation or Appeals must be sent within 7 days of citation issuance to be accepted.

Questions regarding your citation? Please call (509) 313-3975