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Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is the college campus and surrounding community?Gonzaga University is an open campus located in an urban area that is well traveled by vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. As in any urban area such as ours, crime and personal safety are concerns. GU has historically enjoyed a low incidence of crime on campus, but we are not immune from crime altogether. Very few violent crimes occur on campus. The Logan neighborhood, which surrounds the campus on three sides, does experience a higher level of criminal activity. Logan is by no means "dangerously unsafe" but common sense care and caution should be taken when living or visiting the neighborhood. Statistics for the Logan neighborhood can be viewed through the Spokane Police Department's web page.What are the most common crimes on campus?Property crimes are by far the most common. Bike theft, theft, vandalism, and burglary occur with relative frequency. For the most part, these are "crimes of opportunity" which occur when a perpetrator sees the chance to commit a crime with little or no risk.Is making a Campus Security & Public Safety report the same as making a police report?No. Campus Public Safety & Security officers write reports for use by GU administration. Our reports are internal only and not forwarded to the Spokane Police. The Campus Security & Public Safety Department encourages all persons reporting crimes to also contact the Spokane Police so that law enforcement follow-up can take place. Reporting crimes to Campus Security & Public Safety and Spokane Police allows both agencies to compile statistics , track trends, and formulate an appropriate response.How approachable are the officers? If I have a problem will I feel intimidated by them?The men and women of Campus Security & Public Safety are dedicated, motivated, and educated. The officers have chosen to work on campus because of the unique environment. They enjoy working in this diverse community and interact well. There is a "good fit" between the officers and the community.Is it safe to park a car on campus?Yes, but...The campus has no special protection against vehicle crimes. Campus Security & Public Safety officers patrol the campus parking lots and streets as a proactive measure and deterrent. The city police also make occasional patrols through the campus and Logan areas. The best defense against a vehicle break in is to make your car as unattractive as possible to thieves. Don't leave valuables in an unoccupied car.Do I need to worry about my belongings if I leave them alone, say in the library, even for a few minutes?Yes! It is unwise to leave any valuables unattended, even for a few minutes. Items which are easily portable and easily concealed (laptops, backpacks, purses, keys, etc.) are especially vulnerable. You should also lock your residence hall room (or apartment) if you will be away for any length of time. Statistics have shown that 80% of crime on a campus is committed by members of that college community. If you eliminate the opportunity, the crime is far less likely to occur.What about bike theft?Unfortunately, bike theft is a reality at GU, as it is on every college campus. The best defense is a high quality "U" type lock which secures both the frame and wheels. You should never leave your bike unattended and unlocked on campus. Far too many bikes have disappeared when the owner "went inside for just a second."What should I do if I witness a crime or am the victim?Your initial response will depend on the urgency of the situation. For all police/fire/medical emergencies which are life or property threatening you should immediately call 911 (9-911 from campus phones). After you have given the information to the 911 operator, immediately call Security and relay the same information. Campus Security & Public Safety works closely with local emergency responders and they depend on us to meet them on campus and provide assistance. If there is no immediate threat, call X-2222 (313-2222 from off campus) and advise the dispatcher of your circumstances. An officer will be dispatched to make contact with you. The situation will be assessed to determine if Spokane Police need to respond, or if the police report can be made over the phone. Spokane Police take most non-emergency reports through Crime Check at 509-456-2233. The officer will gather relevant information and write a report. That report is then reviewed by CSPS and University administrators and an appropriate response is formulated.Can Campus Security & Public Safety give me an escort?Yes. Campus Public Safety & Security officers can provide an escort to any area on campus, as well as a portion of the Logan neighborhood adjacent to GU. We can't give escorts to bars, businesses, downtown, etc. This service is designed to help those that really need it, so it isn't a taxi service. The University also coordinates a "safe ride" with a local taxi company. This no-cost ride can get you home from a compromising situation, no questions asked. For more information about the "safe ride", call ext. 3996 (313-3996 from off campus).

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