What is a Student of Concern?

A student of concern is any student who is displaying behaviors that may get in the way of a student's ability to be successful in the University environment.

Sometimes small changes in personality or actions are the first indicator that a student may need more assistance.  Other times, behaviors are being noticed by many members of our community and creating a significant amount of concern.  While Gonzaga does its best to give individual time and attention to every student, there are some behaviors that may go unnoticed until a caring person tells us about them. We invite you to share your concerns so that Student Development professionals can reach out and provide support to students who may need more assistance.

The Student of Concern form is one way you can share that you are concerned about a student.  Simply click on the "STUDENT OF CONCERN" form link on the lefthand menu,  You will be connected directly to a form where you can fill in as much information as you want about the student you are concerned about.  Someone from Center for Cura Personalis or their designee will reach out to provide the student support and resources.  If you would prefer to discuss your concern with someone, you can call the Center for Cura Personalis at 509-313-2227.

There are a number of other forms available for more specific situations.  Feel free to look at the forms below to decide if one of those listed better suits the concerns that you have about a student. If you are not sure what form to use, feel free to use the general Student of Concern Form at the left. 

Sexual Misconduct & Sexual Assault Report

Gonzaga University is committed to fostering a safe and healthy environment where students can learn, grown, and develop.  It is our goal that community members report all incidents of sexual misconduct so that those impacted can receive the support and resources they need. Reporting also helps the University identify those of accused of sexual misconduct and take appropriate action.  More information about support, resources, and reporting are available at www.gonzaga.edu/sexualmisconduct

Academic Concerns

If you have concerns about a student's academic performance (i.e. frequent absences, outbursts in class, refusal to comply with classroom rules, irregular or missed assignments, etc), the Office of Academic Advising and Assistance (formerly Academic Services) can help reach out to students, aid them in their academic endeavors, or redirect the information to another office that may be more appropriate for the specific concern.  Please call the Office of Academic Advising and Assistance at 509-313-4072 or visit their webpage about the Early Warning System here: http://www.gonzaga.edu/Campus-Resources/Offices-and-Services-A-Z/Academic-Advising-Assistance/Faculty/Early-Warning-System.asp

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Student Development has staff on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist in any urgent crisis situation.

In an urgent situation that needs immediate attention, please call Gonzaga Dispatch at 509-313-2222 for assistance.