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The Residence Life program offers students a variety of living options and residence hall choices.  There are a very limited number of triple rooms, single rooms, and premium single rooms (double rooms which are set aside for single occupancy) available to students, with the majority of rooms designated as doubles.  Research indicates that first-year students tend to adjust more easily, and do better academically, in double room situations.  In addition, community life is quickly facilitated by roommate interaction.  Therefore, the University encourages all first-year students to have a roommate for at least the first semester.

Residence halls also allow for three choices in hall configurations; all male, all female, or co-ed halls.  Additionally these choices range from larger (100-350 students) halls to smaller (40-45 students) halls.  The all-male or all-female halls need little explanation.  However, many prospective students request information about the co-ed halls.  There are eleven co-ed residence halls at Gonzaga: Cushing, Dillon, Goller, Marian, Twohy, Dooley, Madonna, Chardin, Coughlin, Crimont, and St. Catherine/St. Monica.  These halls provide an atmosphere which enhances the development of comfortable friendships while building interpersonal skills.  The privacy of each student is respected by the configurations of the hall.  Men and women live on separate floors in Crimont, Madonna and in St. Catherine/St. Monica. Residents of Coughlin and Marion live in separate wings on the same floor and residents of Chardin, Cushing, Dillon, Dooley, Goller and Twohy share suites with members of the same gender.  And finally, we have some special focus living/learning communities in Coughlin and interest Communities in Goller (Engineering) and Marian (Outdoor Adventure and Leadership).

In addition to the conventional residence hall configuration, the Residence Life program offers residents some apartment style living.  For first and second year students there are two smaller complexes (301 Boone and Sharp Apartments) and one larger complex that houses 201 residents (Dussault Apartments).  For upper division (third year students and above) the Residence Life program offers the following vibrant apartment communities with 650 beds combined:  Burch, Corkery, and Kennedy.

All Male Halls


All Female Halls


Co-Ed Halls



Campus apartments:
1st & 2nd year residents

Sharp Apartments
301 Boone Apartments
Dussault Apartments

On-campus apartments:
3rd & 4th year residents

Burch Apartments
Corkery Apartments
Kennedy Apartments