Living Learning Communities at Gonzaga

1 in 5 lower division students will live in a Living Learning Community next year! Will you be one of them?

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What is Living and Learning?

Living and Learning Programs at Gonzaga University are housed in four different buildings around campus. Each program is centered around a common theme or academic component. These themes are central to the mission of the University and allow for authentic engagement and dialogue. The staff in these communities are committed to creating and implementing programs around these themes that foster a spirit of growth and reflection.

What's in it for students?
  • Connect class materials to out of the classroom experiences in order to better prepare students for the workforce and life after college
  • Meet new friends who share similar goals and interests
  • Opportunities to self-reflect and grow as a whole person
  • Connect and engage with faculty and professional staff in the Gonzaga community
Accountability to Program Requirements

All Living and Learning programs are the result of collaborative efforts between faculty, staff, and students of Gonzaga University. At the beginning of each fall semester, residents of the different programs meet to discuss their expectations of each other in the community as it relates to program requirements. Community meetings, Community Dinners and other events are regularly held throughout the year and provide an opportunity to "check-in" on these expectations. Additionally, requirements such as service hours, program attendance etc. are tracked by the Residence Life Staff. For first year students, meeting program requirements is considered should they choose to reapply for a Living and Learning Community for their sophomore year.

Program Application

All applicants for Living Learning Communities must indicate their interest in a specific program (or more than one program) when they complete the online housing application. Applications for 2016-17 Sophomores are due March 1,2016 and for 2016-17 Freshman are due May 15, 2016.

Should you have any questions regarding Living & Learning at Gonzaga University, please contact or (509) 313-3387.

What are the Living Learning Communities offered for 2016-17?

Location: Lincoln House
Open to: Freshmen and sophomore men and women (housing on separate floors by gender in same building)

The Biology program is a partnership between Housing and Residence Life and the Biology Department.  This Living-Learning Community (LLC) is designed for biology majors with an interest for the life sciences that goes beyond the classroom. 

Through living in a community with other students with the same major, our goal is to support students in finding success in their classes and academic pursuits.  First year students taking the Pathways (UNIV 104) course will be grouped with other Biology majors from this LLC allowing for increased access to each other for projects, collaboration, and learning.  Common area will also be available in the hall for large group study sessions, peer-led tutoring, and the occasional exam review led by faculty.

It isn’t all about the books.  Along with all of the social opportunities found in traditional residence halls, students living in this community will also be exposed to activities that are associated with their interests in the life sciences.  Students will have the opportunity to interact with members of the Gonzaga and greater Spokane community learning about careers in the sciences and health care professions; providing tutoring and activities for local school children interested in biology; learning about local wildlife; and partnering with local groups working on environmental issues. 


Location: Goller Hall
Open to: Freshmen and sophomore engineering majors, men and women (housed in 6-person suites by gender)

The KEEN program is a partnership between with the School of Engineering and Applied Science. The students will be encouraged in their engineering studies through planned interactions with faculty, staff and honors students from the Engineering program as well as professional engineers from the community. Presentations by engineers will assist the students as they choose a career path and explore their professional options through the lens of innovation and entrepreneurship. The atmosphere in Goller will support students' studies through scheduled tutoring sessions and open hours for study in the first floor classroom of the residence hall.


Location: Coughlin Hall, 2nd floor
Open to: Freshmen and sophomore men and women (housed in separate wings by gender on same floor)

Got leadership? This community will focus on leadership in the scope of a Jesuit Education. Community members will be encouraged to apply for and accept leadership roles in various departments and divisions across campus. Students will develop the skills and understanding needed to be a servant leader at Gonzaga and beyond by reflecting on the ethics and impact of leadership.

This community encourages residents to reflect on the understanding, development and integration of leadership. Throughout the year, members of this community will engage in opportunities that are centered around leadership understanding and development. Alumni of this program include numerous Resident Assistants, Orientation Leaders, Reality Camp Coordinators, Comprehensive Leadership Program (CLP) members, and Gonzaga Student Body Association (GSBA) officials. Students who have shown or demonstrated a passion for leadership in the past are encouraged to apply, as are those who are hoping to improve and hone specific leadership skills.


Location: Coughlin Hall, 3rd floor
Open to: Freshmen and sophomore men and women (housed in separate wings by gender on same floor)

Meaning “Care for the whole person” in Latin; this idea encapsulates the values of personal and spiritual well-being, self-understanding and care for the community. With a focus around mind, body, spirit, the community will be devoted to holistic wellness programming. Students of this community will be encouraged to sign a substance free agreement for the academic year. While not required, this pledge will assist the University in matching students wishing to express this commitment with similarly committed roommates.

Comprising Freshman and Sophomore residents, the Cura Personalis Community is hallmarked by study groups, participation in intramural sports, and involvement in University Ministry. This community encourages residents to integrate their mental, physical, and spiritual lives. Students interested in creating community around the themes of good study habits, healthy physical activity, and personal faith exploration are encouraged to apply.


Location: Coughlin Hall, 4th floor
Open to: Freshmen and sophomore women

Women for Others is at the heart of the Jesuit and Gonzaga Mission. It is committed to support the Gonzaga and the Spokane community by assisting local organizations in providing food, shelter and other basic necessities to locals in need. In giving back, we learn how to be caring citizens. Many members of this community will also take a Service Learning English, Philosophy or Religion course together.

This community encourages residents to reflect on the understanding, development and integration of Service in the Gonzaga community and beyond. Throughout the year, members of this community will engage in opportunities that are centered community service and stewardship. Three (3) community dinners a semester and engage in regular community reflection activities and events. In addition to hall programs and community dinners, all community members must either be enrolled in a service-learning class or participate in 20 hours/semester of community service. Residence Life staff (in association with CCASL and Spokane community members) will help to facilitate the finding and placement of service-learning sites.


Location: Coughlin Hall, 5th floor
Open to: Freshmen and sophomore men and women (housed in separate wings be gender on same floor)

This community has a two-pronged focus: to foster local and global understanding of different cultures and the support of social justice and the celebration of difference. The community will provide opportunities for students to engage with faculty and local professionals who are committed to these values.

This community encourages residents to reflect on themselves as a citizen of the world. Additionally, there are opportunities to meet for “language table” discussions for your foreign language class, or become a “conversation partner” with an international student from your community. Comprising Freshman and Sophomore residents, the Encountering Cultures community is home to students from around the world. Residents in this community are encouraged to room with someone from another country, but this is not a required component of the program. Students interested in studying a language or international business, focusing their chosen course of study around cross-cultural issues, living with an international student, or studying abroad benefit greatly from membership in the Encountering Cultures community.


Location: Marian Hall
Open to: Freshmen and sophomore men and women (housing on separate floors by gender in same building)

Do you like adventures? Being in the outdoors? Exploring? Gonzaga University is fortunate enough to be surrounded by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, which provides a wide range of outdoor activities to pursue. Marian Hall seeks out opportunities to explore and experience those outdoor activities, while residents share and gain knowledge of outdoor skills, and actively promote outdoor responsibility and stewardship. Residents have access to free outdoor rentals, planned and supervised adventure trips for all seasons, and a tight knit community with shared interests.

Residents of Marian Hall enjoy spacious common area living, including a large movie room, multiple kitchens, a chapel and a private grass courtyard that is commonly used for BBQs, and relaxing around a campfire. Among many other traditions Marian Hall is known for their Monthly Community Potlucks and ski trips. Marian Hall operates with a firm belief that the challenges and learning that comes from outdoors experiences can transform not only individuals but also relationships while promoting a welcoming, inclusive and home-like community.

Rising sophomores who wish to participate in the Outdoor Pursuits Living Learning Community should select to live in Marian Hall during the Housing selection process. Incoming freshmen who wish to live in the Outdoor Pursuits Living Learning Community should mark “Marian Hall” as their top Housing preference when they apply for on-campus housing.


Location: DeSmet Hall
Open to: Freshmen and sophomore men

We, the residents of DeSmet Hall, established in 1925, hereby charter ourselves into an intentionally developed and enhanced community in cooperation with student leaders.  We are the change we want to see in the world and lead by example for other DeSmet residents and the larger Gonzaga community.  We respect all residents, staff, floor captains, Chaplains, and members of our community.  We hold residents accountable and stand up for the charter and constitution when we see behavior unbecoming of our values.  We support the needs of our community, whether academic or social.  We explore spirituality personally and in community with the guidance of our live-in Chaplain and student live-in Chaplain.  We hold our peers accountable for the professional stewardship of the facility.  We respect DeSmet as our shared home.

We will be DeSmet residents with and for each other, bolstering and maturing our DeSmet traditions while actively engaging in leadership opportunities within and beyond the walls of DeSmet.  We will increasingly turn our attention to Gonzaga University and Spokane for opportunities to demonstrate our leadership in service to others in the powerful name of Father Peter John DeSmet, for whom this building was named.

Note: If a student wishes to apply for more than one Living Learning Community, they only need to fill out one application and rank others they also find interest in.

For additional information, check out our Living Learning Community FAQ.