Refrigerator Rental

Looking at renting a refrigerator for the year?

College Products has partnered with The Gonzaga University to provide you with options. Our products will assist you in creating your new home away from home.

College Products delivers all ordered products to campus. 

Visit the College Products website to order your refrigerator.

TIP: Please make sure to check with your roommate when you receive that information in August to see if they are bringing a refrigerator!

3.1 Cu Ft Microchill Combo Rental

MicroChill® units are the first eco-friendly compact refrigerators/freezers/microwaves available to college students.  These units use a EPA approved natural refrigerant that doesn’t deplete the Ozone Layer and has very minimal impact on Global Warming.  They also use a fraction of the energy of other comparable units by operating on 0.8 amps with an Energy Star rating of 240 kWh!  These units take the concept of “Going Green” to the next level!  Support your school and your environment by renting or purchasing a MicroChill® today.


  • Academic Year Rental 2017-2018 +$175.00
  • Fall Semester Rental 2017-2018 +$131.25
  • Spring Semester Rental 2017-2018 +$131.25

Rental Term

  • Academic Year Rental 2017-2018 +$140.00
  • Fall Semester Rental 2017-2018 +$105.00
  • Spring Semester Rental 2017-2018 +$105.00
Campus Manager Assistance

College Products will be able to assist you anytime throughout the academic school year. Our campus manager can assist you with new orders, assistance, or cancellations. Please use this link to CONTACT US.

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