Parent Information

Parent Housing Info

First Year Need to Know Disability Resources
Pricing on specific residence halls and apartments for the year.   Learn the essentials of living on campus. When to check in and out, care for your space, deposits, room changes, and what to do when you lose your keys. The University has a policy of doing its best to accommodate students with short and long term disabilities to aid in the quality of life for it's students. With greater notice, the better the University will be able to assist.
Loft Kits Policy Roommate
Link to Plant Services's site on how to reserve loft kits, bed size, and photos of what our beds and kits look like. Find out about official policies concerning housing on and off campus.   Preferences, location, and people come together in our pairing algorithm to match you with the best possible choice.
Damages Returners Off-Campus Housing
Find out about deposits, criteria for room conditions, charges, contesting charges, and room inspections.  Not your first time but still looking to live on campus?  Find out more here.  Info on off-campus housing owned and not owned by the University.  
4 year On-Campus Housing Theft Protection
Students typically are required to live on campus for the first two years then are free to live off campus after the two years.  Learn tips on how to protect your valuables and how to get renter's insurance.