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Gonzaga President Thayne McCulloh addresses the Staff Assembly.

Gratitude abounds, but our work ahead still so important

While President Thayne McCulloh expressed gratitude to staff and faculty for “great success in a number of ways,” he reminded staff members during the Sept. 12 Open Meeting of the Staff Assembly that “we cannot afford to be complacent and to rest on our laurels. Our survival and ability to help students thrive is what makes up our lived experience here at Gonzaga,” McCulloh said.

The president thanked all of us for our part in bringing in a new freshman class of about 1,257 students, third-largest in Gonzaga history.

We have a winner!

GU Staff Assembly

Colleen Vandenboom (above), Center for Student Involvement, was a prize recipient for a correct answer during GU Trivia Quiz as part of the Sept. 12 Staff Assembly Open Meeting.

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