Staff Appreciation

carol houston staff assembly new
Carol Huston (above) served on the Staff Assembly and contributed in many ways from 2010-2017 -- as vice president, a Spirit Day soldier and a representative on the benefits and compensation committee. Staff Assembly honored Carol at the May 25, 2017 Open Meeting for her exemplary service.

The Staff Assembly exists to contribute to the success of Gonzaga University, to the growth and welfare of its staff employees, and to the promotion of a positive and supportive work environment. In order to accomplish this, the Staff Assembly has initiated several 'morale' boosters.

Anniversary gifts

The Staff Assembly also recognizes each employees anniversary during their anniversary month with a small gift.  Anniversary gifts are handed out at the Fall and Spring Opening meetings.  A gift of thanks is also given to staff members who reach a service of 25+ years.

Staff/Faculty Spirit Day Picnic

Since the summer of 2002, the Staff Assembly has planned a Staff/Faculty Family Picnic during the summer whereby staff and faculty, along with their families, can come together one evening in July/August and enjoy each other's company while having some fun. For the past three year, Spirit Day has been held at Riverfront Park. Visit our Events page for updated info.