Mission Award

Nominate a co-worker for the Outstanding Service in Support of Mission award.

The Staff Assembly is committed to recognizing individuals, nominated by their peers, students and/or faculty members, for their outstanding service in the mission areas of Faith, Justice, Service, Leadership and Ethics.  Each year, the Staff Assembly will be awarding 4 awards, 2 in the spring and 2 in the fall, to staff members who are an inspiration, a community servant, an exemplary leader, a caring and courageous person, and truly a team player.

Click here to download the Mission Award nomination form.  The deadline to submit your nomination is Wednesday, November 22, 2017.  If you have questions, please contact Rachel Young at x5564 or youngr@gonzaga.edu.

The following staff members have been awarded the Outstanding Service in Support of Mission Award:

Spring 2017
Jane Button from Budget and Finance
Molly McFadden from Foley Center

Fall 2016
Chris Wheatley from CCASL
MaryAnn Rinderle from Academic Vice President's Office

Spring 2016
Valerie Shayman from Center for Student Academic Success
Larry Perkins from Data Network

Spring 2015
Chris Rehwald from Student Development
Kevin Pratt from Career Center

Fall 2015
Barbara Warner from Plant Services
Jackie Van Allen from Controller's Office

Fall 2014
Dennis Colestock from Residence Life-Student Development
Brenda Warrington from Foley Center
Paula Foster from Foley Center 

Spring 2014
Annette Davis from University Advancement
Ken Sammons from Plant Services-Administration

Fall 2013
Jill Royston from Student Development
Janet Snowder from Plant Services

Spring 2013
Myrna Carroll from the Controller's Office
Sandy Hank from Faculty Services

Fall 2012
Susan Harmon from the Law School
Linda Leonard from Plant Services

Spring 2012
Linda Murphy from Student Accounts
Dave Rovick from Student Activities

Fall 2011
Kai Uahinui from Central Computing
Cecelia McMullen from the Law Library

Spring 2011
Cindy Perry from University Ministry
Jason Swain from Human Resources

Fall 2010
Robin Guevara from Student Employment
Matt Lamsma from Housing-Residence Life

Spring 2010
Jane Hession from the School of Business
Jose Hernandez from Rudolph Fitness Center

Fall 2009
Sr. Laura Michels from University Ministry
Amber McKenzie from the English Language Center

Spring 2009:
Dale de Viveiros from ITS
Dwight Smith from Security

Fall 2008:
Bob Cepeda from Security
Stacey Chatman from School of Business
Jose Conceicao from Plant Services

Spring 2008
Cheryl Peterson from the Custodial department

Fall 2007
Lori Leonard from the Switchboard
Jean Pugh from the department of Political Science, Psychology and Sociology

Spring 2007
Mary Ann McDonald from the Switchboard
Gene Oltmann from Plant Services
Florence Robins from University Ministry
Al Tesdal from the Law School

Please congratulate these outstanding staff members for their commitment to Gonzaga!