ATTENDEES: Jeff Geldien, Sue Butterfield, Carol Huston, Carol Osenga, Connie Caddis, Dave Rovick, Autumn Vargas, Jennifer Klein

Absent: Steve Allen, Jamie Kelp, Jill Royston,

Meeting called to order at 9:35 am

Farewell and Congratulations to Connie Caddis who is leaving for a position at Oregon State. The council gave Connie their best wishes.

Voting information – We should have a full council now that elections have been finalized.

Next meeting - The June 19th has been rescheduled to the 25th.  Sue will send out a meeting request with the meeting change and invite the new members.

Daycare Committee – Jennifer Klein gave an update of what the committee has been working on.  Report should be ready in late summer and will go to Thayne for review. Jeff thanked Jennifer for the report

Sick leave update - Carol reported that the trend was that sick leave was not being abused by employees leaving the university.

University Lounge – Jeff has talked with Marty Martin and will be sending a letter to Thayne on the staff assembly thoughts on the “Faculty Lounge” in the new University Center.

Paid maternity leave was brought up and may be taken as a project next year.

Possibility of having Thayne speak with the staff assembly council twice a year was raised.

Videotaping of meetings – Allison Lynn brought up the charge for this for each open meeting.  We will look for other ways to tape the meetings so that employees not attending can still see the meeting.

Allison advised the group that the Sprint discount issue has been finalized and employees will continue to receive this benefit.  The list is on the HR benefit website.  Jeff will discuss this with the Kirk Wood-Gaines, HR Director at his next monthly meeting.

Allison brought up the fact that Sodexo is on campus but they do not get recognition, would it be a possibility they could be included in the Spirit monthly publication.  Thought to do recognition of Sodexo at the next open meeting.

Allison gave a report on the budget although she does not have several expenditure receipts.

Final bylaws to be sent to Connie Caddis to post on the website.

Meeting adjourned at 10:28 am.