ATTENDEES: Jeff Geldien, Beth Gordon, Carol Huston, Allison Lynn, Connie Caddis, Mike Kelsey, David Rovick, Sue Butterfield.

Absent: Steve Allen Guests: Jill Royston

Meeting called to order at 11:03am

Meeting with Thayne McCulloch

Jeff has a meeting later today to go over what is happening and continued business from last year.  Thayne has mentioned several items he plans to go over as well.


Jeff proposed that nominations be closed for this position.  Following a brief discussion, Beth motioned for Mike Kelsey to be Vice President, Carol seconded.  All approved and welcomed Mike into his new position. 


Regents - Jill Royston is our non-exempt representative.  One 3 year term is open for exempt position.   ACTION: Application form for regent to be reviewed by Jeff, Carol and Sue, updated and then sent out to staff for nominations.

Sustainability - Ann-Scott Ettinger is the representative.  Need to identify expectations and her level of continued commitment. Discussion followed on combining committee work with service for added support.

Service - Further discussion on combining the Service and Outreach Committees.  Beth agreed to reach out to Molly Ayers.

Budget Committee - Allison stated this might be a good committee for the Treasurer to sit on annually. 

Mission - Jeff will be talking with Father Case regarding his vision for this committee.

Safety & Health/Security - Brief discussion on combining with the Security Committee.  Jeff will reach out to Chris Wheatley for more information.

Benefit Renewal - Current members - Georgia Dunham, Steve Allen, Bill Kostelec and John Correia.  Carol Huston is liaison and mentioned meetings have been cancelled.  Jeff will email members regarding their level of continued participation.  Next benefit renewal will be September thus; the committee will need to meet this summer.

Website - Connie Caddis will look into assisting with updates to the website.  ACTION:  Jeff to send notification to give Connie access to website.


Picnic - Jill Royston updated everyone on picnic thus far, scheduled for - Tuesday, July 31st , Riverfront Park, employee plus 4 additional family members will be allowed free access, additional family or friends will cost $??. It was discussed and agreed there was no need for beer garden this year as RFP offers the service for those wanting to partake.   Discussion of a band, Jeff will send email out to Barry Lee White to see if he is available.

Faculty Senate - Jeff has talked with Rosemary Volbrecht of Faculty Senate about a partnership on this activity.  She was positive about the idea but Jeff was not sure if they have funds available.

EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEETING DATES - meetings to be scheduled on 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, Sue will look into booking Room 1898 in College Hall for future meetings.  The time of 11:00 to 12:00 was agreed upon by the members present.

Meeting adjourned at 11:50 am