Attendees:  Jeff Geldien, Beth Gordon, Carol Huston, Rudy Mondragon, Rodolfo Pagsanjan, Angela Ruff, Allison Sather, Wendy Thompson.

Absent:  Molly Ayers, Toni Boggan, Connie Hickman, Norm Leatha.       Guests:  Darrell Fitzgeral, John Correia

Called to order:  11:06am

Heads Up Gonzaga (HUG)

Rodolfo and Jeff met with staff members who helped to create the Heads Up Gonzaga program several years ago.  The program evolved from the “charrettes” that engaged the entire community in conversation, and was initiated to focus on the mission.  Rodolfo also met with Fr. Case for programming interest and ideas.   Council member suggestions included a good, short program to prompt discussion and thought among staff for carrying out the mission in our jobs in small groups during the time allotted for the session.    An effective facilitator is needed for the discussion element.  Staff leaders and Jesuits could spread out among tables.  More discussion is invited via email. 

Shift Recognition Proposal

Darrell presented a draft version of a proposal that recommends support and recognition of employees who work during dark hours.
  He asked the council to embrace the proposal as an introduction of issues and concerns among and for employees who work shifts other than daytime.  Discussion ensued about what lead to the content of the report, and what is the main point.  There are ten recommended action items that range from providing employee services and programs at different hours to paying a shift premium amount.  More information is needed to develop specific requests for meeting particular problems.  John shared that the compensation committee conducted a phone survey and determined that shift differential pay is more commonly used for retention and recruiting.  Darrell provided details from calls to other Jesuit schools as to the practice of paying a premium, and how much.  The proposal Rodolfo moved to table the conversation to the next meeting.  Carol seconded.  All agreed.

Mission Awards Committee

Nomination deadline is March 23.  A selection committee is needed. 


By Laws

Rodolfo motioned to table this discussion to a future meeting.  Beth seconded.  All approved.  


Adjourned 12:08pm


Action Items

Angela suggest mid-April dates for Heads Up Gonzaga event

Council share HUG program ideas via email