Staff Assembly CARES

The Mission Statement of the University opens with the following passage:

"Gonzaga University belongs to a long and distinguished tradition of humanistic, Catholic, and Jesuit education. We, the trustees and regents, faculty, administration and staff of Gonzaga, are committed to preserving and developing that tradition and communicating it to our students and alumni."

What does it mean to be "humanistic, Catholic, and Jesuit?" We, the staff assembly, believe that to be all three one must embrace the tenets of our faith and live the vision of Christ. Two of the most important core beliefs are that of service to others and the seeking of justice in our world. We chose to demonstrate our commitment to these ideals through the implementation of the CARES Initiative.

Life is filled with joys as well as sorrows. At times, for reasons unknown to us, individuals are thrust into circumstances beyond their control. Many times, these circumstances prove too difficult for the lone individual to endure much less solve themselves. The Staff Assembly proposes an initiative to provide a series of mechanisms to directly assist these individuals in dire need of support. Preliminarily, we call for establishing resources and processes that can assist an employee caught in an extraordinary situation such as an emergency illness or injury.

The CARES initiative is essentially creating and supporting a network of volunteers to provide assistance to employees in dire need. Examples of this assistance might be any one of the following:

  • Transportation to doctor appointments
  • Transportation of children to school
  • Providing/preparation of meals
  • Light housekeeping
  • Grocery shopping
  • Other basic needs

Gonzaga University is more than just an employer and a place of work. It's an institution guided by particular beliefs and values. It is these values that foster not only a sense a community but of family to its members. The implementation of the CARES initiative is simply the physical manifestation of the desire and investment of GU staff in supporting their fellow members...their extended family.

Gonzaga CARES-"Help in a Time of Need"

Difficult personal events such as an unexpected loss or other unforeseen occurrences can affect all and compound our ability to be effective with our work responsibilities and our duties to our family and to ourselves. When the difficult times occur, Gonzaga CARES is ready to reach out and help our fellow staff and faculty members in their time of need.

Gonzaga CARES is a network of staff and faculty willing to provide their time and assistance to their fellows who initiate a request for assistance.


If you would like to be a volunteer, please click here to register. Being a volunteer simply means that you would be willing to assist a fellow Gonzaga University employee as your ability, time, and location permit.  Volunteers will be contacted by a CARES representative when a request comes in and not by the individual requesting service.  Volunteers assisting during regular business hours may, with permission from their immediate supervisor, utilize their community service hours on their timesheet as allowed by Gonzaga University.

Service Request

If you are an individual in need and would like assistance from the network, please fill out this simple form.  This form can be used as many times as needed. Requests for assistance will be received and appropriate volunteer(s) will be contacted to see if they are available to help. Once a volunteer is identified, a CARES representative will make arrangements to coordinate communication between the two parties.

There may be other benefit resources available to you based on your situation.

Look at the Work/Life Benefits page from the Human Resources Department to review other options which include EAP, leaves of absence, and shared leave.