Sustainable Purchasing Design Policy for IT

  • All desktop computers, notebooks and monitors purchased must meet, at a minimum, all Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) environmental criteria designated as "required" (silver registration) or higher as contained in the IEEE 1680 Standard for the Environmental Assessment of Personal Computer Products, whenever practicable.

  • Additional consideration will be provided for electronic products that have achieved EPEAT Gold registration. The registration criteria and a list of all registered equipment are provided at

  • Whenever practicable, purchased copiers and printers shall be compatible with the use of recycled content and remanufactured products.

  • Remanufactured toner cartridges should be used in all copiers and printers whenever feasible.

  • All energy using products purchased by Gonzaga shall meet the U.S. EPA Energy Star* certification when available and practicable. When Energy Star labels are not available, all purchasing units shall choose energy products that are in the upper 25% of energy efficiency as designated by the Federal Energy Management Program.

  • Suppliers of electronic equipment, including but not limited to computers, monitors, printers, and copiers, shall be encouraged to take back equipment for reuse or environmentally safe recycling when deemed appropriate by Gonzaga.

  • Where applicable, energy-efficient equipment shall be purchased with the most up-to-date energy efficiency functions. This includes, but is not limited to, most efficient space heating systems and high efficiency space cooling equipment.

  • All recyclable materials are to be recycled through the Gonzaga recycling program. This includes, but is not limited to: paper, newspaper, cardboard, aluminum, plastic, steel, and batteries.

  • Whenever possible, Laser and Inkjet cartridges shall be properly recycled.

  • Products that are durable, long lasting, reusable or refillable are preferred whenever feasible.

  • All documents (by Gonzaga and Suppliers) shall be printed and copied on both sides to reduce the use and purchase of paper, whenever practical.

  • All surplused desktop computers, notebooks and monitors shall be disposed of through the WA Department of Ecology's E-Cycle Washington program or equivalent.

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