Climate Action

ACUPCC SignatoryOn January 11, 2013, President Thayne McCulloh approved Gonzaga’s first comprehensive Climate Action Plan (CAP). Below you can find the full text, an executive summary, text of the Climate Commitment, an inventory of our greenhouse gas emissions, and much more.

As a signatory of the Presidents’ Climate Commitment, Gonzaga University has pledged to work toward climate neutrality or zero emissions, specifically a reduction of at least 20% by 2020 and at least 50% by 2035 (from 2009 levels) with the goal of climate neutrality by 2050.

This Climate Action Plan (CAP) is intended to guide Gonzaga in furthering its commitment to sustainability and to addressing climate change. We envision an appropriate and thorough integration of ecological stewardship and sustainability at all levels of University life. This goal will be achieved when:

  • All members of the Gonzaga community appreciate and can articulate the relevance of ecological stewardship and sustainability to their lives and to their society
  • Sustainability is a guiding principle of campus decision-making processes
  • University operations avoid or limit a negative impact on the environment

In the coming weeks and months we will advertise ways in which you can continue to educate yourself about sustainability as well as how you can take action in reducing your own carbon footprint. If you would like to get involved with these efforts or if you have any questions about the CAP, please contact us at To stay abreast of sustainability efforts on campus, subscribe to the sustainability-l to receive periodic updates and/or "like" our Facebook page.

Climate Action Planning

American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) Resources

CAP Samples from Peer Institutions

Gonzaga University Student Driven Climate Action Plan

  • As part of the Gonzaga's Environmental Studies department senior capstone course (Spring 2012) taught by Greg Gordon, PhD, students conceived, designed, and implemented a CAP proposal. This semester coincided with the university's development of a Climate Action Plan through the ACSS. Students researched CAPs from other universities, attended ACSS meetings, met with faculty and staff, researched and presented their recommendations. Click here for the complete proposal.
  • Gonzaga University Environmental Student Survey 2012. The Environmental Studies department senior capstone course (Spring 2012) sent out this survey to the general student population in order to determine support for environmental measures on campus.  There were a total of 232 respondents.