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Office of Sustainability

Picture of Jim Simon
Jim Simon

Director of Sustainability

AD Box 086

Phone: 509-313-5571

Office Location
330 College Hall


Office of Sustainability Student Assistants

Picture of Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis
Graduate Assistant

I am a graduate student working on my master’s in Communication and Leadership.   Sustainability is important to me because I want to ensure that future generations are able to have all of the resources they need.  Some of my interests include protecting the threatened bull trout of the Northwest and bringing fun reusable bags to the grocery store. 

Picture of Elena Gardner
Elena Gardner
Communications Coordinator

I am a senior English major (writing concentration), and Political Science minor. I am passionate about the outdoors and sustainable practices with an eye towards preserving our environment. I want to be able to encourage people to not take for granted what the natural world has to offer, and educate them on how best to live symbiotically with our environment.

Picture of Carrie Herrman
Carrie Herrman
Sustainability Student Assistant

I'm in my third year here at Gonzaga double majoring in Philosophy and Environmental Studies. I have a deep passion for all things environmental, specifically locally grown food and clean energy. I look forward to furthering sustainability here at Gonzaga at every available opportunity.


Picture of Erica Huffman
Erica Huffman
Conservation Coordinator

I am currently a senior at Gonzaga University studying to receive my Bachelor in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business and Hogan Entrepreneurial Leadership. I am specifically interested in Corporate Social Responsibility and different Sustainability Departments in business. I hope to work in sustainable consulting for small businesses. I love to travel an experience new cultures and perspectives. My goal is to be fluent in 3 languages someday and to be able to do a handstand.

Picture of Margaret Maclean
Margaret Maclean
Communications Coordinator

I am a Junior at Gonzaga working towards a double major in journalism and psychology with a minor in philosophy. Growing up in Montana my love of the outdoors has almost been ingrained in my biology, and from a young age I've spent a lot of my time mountain biking, hiking, swimming, and river rafting. Protecting and preserving the environment we have is one of the most important missions we have as inhabitants of this Earth, and through the work of the Sustainability Department, we can move closer to greener solutions that protect what we hold so dearly.

Picture of Hayden Nelson
Hayden Nelson

Picture of Riley Schumm
Riley Schumm
Sustainability Student Assistant

I am a currently a junior at Gonzaga University, pursuing a double major in Sociology and Environmental Studies. My biggest passion in life is adventuring outdoors, so any I try and take advantage of any opportunity to help preserve those wild places for the future! I am most looking forward to my experience abroad in Peru, where I hope to learn how other countries in areas of extreme biodiversity are approaching sustainability and the environmental movement.  

Picture of Makenna Sellers
Makenna Sellers
Sustainability Coordinator

I am a Junior Environmental Studies major with minors in Music and Sustainable Business. I am passionate about integrating sustainable lifestyles and interests in communities. Fun fact: I went skydiving last Christmas. Some things I love to do include: singing, running, hiking, (anything outdoor related!) and my Nalgene water bottle.

Picture of Sarin Tiatragul
Sarin Tiatragul
Sustainability Student Assistant

I am from Nonthaburi, Thailand and I’m a Biology major at Gonzaga.  I am interested in studying the intricacies and interconnections of humans in the global the environment.
My passions include playing/watching football (soccer) and scuba diving! A career aspiration of mine is to be a scientist studying tropical biological systems in Southeast Asia.
Website: seelio.com/stiatragul

Picture of Joseph Wagner
Joseph Wagner
Conservation Coordinator

I am currently an undeclared freshman, but I’m considering fields in Environmental Studies and Biology. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer and going on hikes. I have no idea what the future holds for me, but I hope that I can work to help sustain the environment either by conservation efforts or more sustainable work.


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