Fa17 Attire Request
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Fa17 Attire Request

Fall 2017 - Academic Procession Events

Academic Attire Order Form

Academic Convocation - Monday, 8/28/17 (event 10am-11am)
9:15am attire pickup at Cataldo eaves
9:30am faculty lineup for Welcome Walk in Cataldo/St. Al's courtyard
9:55am academic procession into St. Al's Church
11am return attire at Cataldo eaves

Mass of the Holy Spirit - Wednesday, 9/13/17 (event 12:30-1:30pm)
12:10pm attire pickup at Cataldo eaves
12:20pm faculty lineup in Cataldo Courtyard
12:25pm academic procession into St. Al's Church
1:30pm return attire St. Al's in courtyard
1:30pm - 2:30pm University Ministry Community BBQ following Mass in and around Courtyard

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