Zag Scholarship Promise

The Zag Scholarship Promise is a commitment to never lose sight of what is important for our students—access to an affordable and exemplary Jesuit education. For more than 126 years, students have been able to attend Gonzaga University because of the generosity of others. It started with the Jesuits long ago, believing that students deserved to receive a well-rounded, Catholic education, and has continued for generations.

Together we can:
  • Help make Gonzaga less tuition-dependent.
  • Increase accessibility to first-generation students and those from a diverse background.
  • Drive student debt down through increased scholarship opportunities.
  • Attract and retain outstanding and talented students who aspire to transform the world.
  • Help students who rely on these funds to achieve their goal of a Gonzaga degree.

You can help Gonzaga deliver on the Zag Scholarship Promise with an annual scholarship gift.

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