Featured Scholarship Stories

Daniel G. Brajcich Scholarship

Professor Emeritus Dan Brajcich was one of Gonzaga's most beloved accounting professors. Thanks to the continued generosity of those whose lives he touched, the Daniel G. Brajcich Scholarship has grown to over $2.5 million and has helped supported the education of more than 500 business students.

Mike and Marj Brewer Family Scholarship

Mike Brewer graduated from GU in 1952. He and his wife, Marj are the parents of six GU alums. Mike doesn't just believe in the "Gonzaga Experience," he and his family live it. Currently, the family is already in its the third generation of students. The Brewers started their endowed scholarship in 1995. Awards are given to students majoring in education, accounting and/or engineering who have graduated from Rogers High School in Spokane.

C. Pat and Jean Craigen Scholarship

Pat Craigen had been a resident of the Spokane community for 58 years and was a member of St. Thomas More Catholic Church for over 40 years. Pat and his wife, Jean, were married for 54 years when she passed away. Even though Jean didn’t have the opportunity to attend college she knew the value of a college education as she witnessed her three children’s graduations as well as several of her grandchildren and a son and daughter-in-law. This scholarship was started in 2003 by Pat and Jean as a gift to Gonzaga University and the future students who would benefit from these funds. The Craigen children continue to invest in the fund in their parents’ honor.

John and Mary Ann Firkins Memorial Scholarship

John Firkins believes his greatest teaching success was saving students who could easily fall through the cracks if someone was not there to reach out to them when they needed it most. This scholarship was established in honor of John, professor of mathematics, and in memory of his wife, Mary Ann, for students interested in teaching mathematics.

Larry L. Guthrie Nursing Scholarship in honor of Gertrude O. Guthrie

Larry Guthrie graduated from Gonzaga in 1966 with a degree in business majoring in economics. His mother Gertrude attended Gonzaga University for many of her required classes while she was also attending nursing school at Sacred Heart Hospital. She received her nursing degree in 1941 and always spoke highly of the quality of education that she received at Gonzaga University. Larry established this scholarship in honor of his mother, Gertrude, knowing that Gonzaga University with its new nursing school will provide high quality nurses to help eliminate the tremendous shortage of nurses throughout our region.

W.P. Ilgen Engineering Scholarship

An engineering faculty colleague of Ilgen had this to say about him, "Bill took the time to build lasting relationships with his students and motivated them to reach for their dreams." He did this as a teacher and as dean, and he continues to do it through his endowed scholarship, which provides awards that help engineering students realize their dreams.

Tony Lehmann, S.J. Scholarship

Some knew Father Tony as the Gonzaga men's basketball priest, as he occupied a special spot at the end of the bulldog bench for over 20 years. He was a man of all occasions-weddings, funerals, wakes, baptisms; he did them all for Gonzaga alumni, their family and friends-literally anyone who asked. The Tony Lehmann, S.J. Scholarship ensures that students who work hard in school will have the opportunity to partake in the life-changing journey of Gonzaga-in-Florence. "To be continued..."

Philip G. McCarthey Gonzaga-In-Florence Scholarship

Phil McCarthey received his bachelor's degree in English from Gonzaga in 1974. He remembers that his own experience in Florence was a major turning point in his life and does not want a deserving student to miss out on the Florence experience due to financial need. McCarthey established this scholarship in 1993 to assist students attending the Gonzaga-in-Florence program.

Dr. James G. McGivern Engineering Scholarship

Dr. James G. McGivern, founder and first dean of the School of Engineering, once said that of all the awards and honors he received, having a scholarship fund in his name meant the most to him. To this day, friends, family members and former students contribute to the fund, which has grown to over $1.5 million and has awarded more than 700 scholarships to engineering students.

Gerald R. and Marjorie L. McFaul Memorial Scholarship

The Gerald R. and Marjorie L. McFaul Memorial Scholarship was established by Marjorie and their children, after Gerry's death on April 30, 1997 at 74 years of age. Next to his family, Gonzaga was the closest thing to Gerry’s heart. He always felt like he was home at Gonzaga. This scholarship is awarded to students with financial need coming to Gonzaga from small towns in the Pacific Northwest.

Lyle Moore

Lyle W. Moore Scholarship

Lyle was held in high regard by his former students and many friends in the Spokane community and throughout the country that enjoyed the concerts he directed over the many years. In 1997, these friends established an endowed scholarship to honor Lyle W. Moore, teacher, leader, and friend.

John W. and Frances (Fagan) Nitkey Scholarship

John and Frances met at Gonzaga University where he received a business degree in 1943 and she took classes for her nursing degree from Sacred Heart Hospital in 1943.They started the scholarship in 2005. Awards are for accounting or nursing students who are Catholic and have financial need.

Robert and Carol Palencar Scholarship

Bob and Carol Palencar of Williamsburg, Virginia started this endowed scholarship fund in December of 2005 in memory of their parents Rose and Joe Palencar and Blanche and Claude Smail. Carol graduated from Gonzaga in 1963 and fondly remembers her four years at Gonzaga. The Jesuit influence, rigorous academic schedule, and friends she met have had a life-long impact.This scholarship benefits undergraduate students with good academic standing and financial need.

Tucci Family Scholarships

If you've ever taken a drink at the water fountain in Rogues' Gallery on the first floor of College Hall, you've probably seen the father of this true-blue Gonzaga family, Michael J. Tucci. Multiple scholarships have been established by the Tucci family to support deserving students.

Christopher M. West Memorial Scholarship

Patrick and Carol West established this scholarship in memory of their son, Christopher, who passed away in 1976.This scholarship is awarded to high school seniors who have been active in making their communities a better place to live. Students exhibiting leadership skills by being active in school activities and helping their fellow students are keys to being considered for his scholarship. It has helped hundreds of Gonzaga students since 1977.