Mike ('52) and Marj Brewer Family Scholarship

Mike and Marj Brewer are the parents of six GU alums.

(Kathy '74, Tim '77, Tom '79, Terry '81, Eileen '83, Toby '88, plus three alumni in-laws)


50th Anniversary - Marj & Mike Brewer - 2001 - Class of ’52

Mike doesn't just believe in the "Gonzaga Experience," he and his family live it. Currently, the family is well on its way into the third generation of students.

Mike graduated from GU in 1952. He immediately entered the Sears-Roebuck management training program. He stayed with Sears seven years while also acquiring accounting skills which were turned into a side business when he moved on to the Kaiser Mead Credit Union in 1960. Four years later, Mike and his wife, Marj, gathered 10 people from St. Pat's parish and founded the Catholic Credit Union which now serves most of eastern Washington. In 1965, the Brewers took their credit union expertise to Guatemala and assisted in forming a credit union there.

Mike continued in the credit union field from 1974 to 1980 with Inland Power and Light. He then struck out on his own selling securities for Interpacific Investors. But these business ventures are only a part of Mike Brewer's Spokane connection. In what he considered his "spare" time, he has served on the Spokane Quality of Life Council Task Force, was a member of the Housing Rehabilitation Policy Commission, and spent six years as the chairman of the Community Development Board - City Plan Commission 1978-1988.

In 1988, a Spokane writer used his column to volunteer Mike as a possible city council candidate. In jest, Mike said, "I'd run for two cents." The next week Mike found in his mailbox three postcards each with two pennies taped on. The challenge had been issued, and answered. A year later it was "Councilman Brewer."

Mike has said, "Uncle Sam taught me the joys of travel and Marj and I have done all 50 states, all the Canadian Provinces, waded or swam in the 4 oceans surrounding the United States and taken several overseas trips."

Mike often says his Gonzaga education has served him well. The Jesuits taught him to question and seek answers, business courses taught him where to get information, and the ethics courses painted a clear picture of the moral duties necessary for family and community development. Mike has taken this duty to heart and put it into practice. He stresses that, "God has been good to us."

The Brewers started their endowed scholarship in 1995 and the first awards were made in 1996. Awards are given to students majoring in education, accounting and/or engineering who have graduated from Rogers High School in Spokane.