Experience "Names That Live"

This living list, known as Names That Live represent great teachers, alumni and donors who have made the dream of a Gonzaga education a reality for thousands of students through the creation and funding of endowed scholarships.

Names That Live is one way we acknowledge our endowment donors. Gifts to endowment are truly unique, in that they will continue to give and give - for generations to come. We hope you enjoy reading through the lists of these named endowments, which are so critical to creating the "Gonzaga experience" our students desire.

If you would like to contribute to any one of these scholarships, or perhaps consider endowing your own scholarship please contact Heidi Wohl at 509.313.6395 or wohl@gonzaga.edu.


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David & Vickie Abel Scholarship
Acme Scholarship
Lawrence D. Acre Scholarship
Action for Diversity Awareness Scholarship
Alaska Regional Scholarship
Alberta Scholarship
Arthur T. & Florence P. Alfke Memorial Scholarship
Henry & Lucy Anderson Scholarship
Gayle Andrews Journalism Scholarship
Richard Angotti Family Scholarship
Anthony's Student Athlete Scholarship
Apregan Family Scholarship by Patricia A. (Whitehead '80) Apregan
Tony Arguinchona Memorial Scholarship
Arkison Financial Aid Fund
Alphonse A. & Geraldine F. Arnold Scholarship
Geraldine F. Arnold Scholarship
Athletic Director Scholarship


Paul A. Baldy Memorial Scholarship
Robert B. Bargen, S.J. Scholarship
Clarence H. Barnes Legacy Scholarship
Clarence H. Barnes Scholarship
Charles A. & Dolores A. Barry Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Robert L. "Bob" Bartlett Appreciation Scholarship
Kenneth Baugh Scholarship
Bayer Corporation Scholarship
Joseph N. Behrens Scholarship
Gerald M. Berger ('57) Scholarship
Fred & Paula Bevegni Scholarship
Fred E. & Venora E. Bigelow Scholarship
Martin P. Blum Scholarship
Boise Regional Scholarship
Bonanzino Family Scholarship
Erma A. Bonge Scholarship
Frank & Sharon Bouten Scholarship
Helen Brach Foundation Scholarship
Daniel G. Brajcich Accounting Scholarship
Joseph & Peggy Brennan Scholarship
Brian Brett Memorial Scholarship
Mike ('52) & Marj Brewer Family Scholarship
Fred L. & Olivia C. Briggs Scholarship
Herb, Margaret, Greg & Evelyn (Edsall) Briggs Scholarship
Bronze Law Student Scholarship
Brophy College Preparatory Scholarship
Brotherly Order of Yo-Yos Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Hervy Brulotte Scholarship
GU Bay Area - Via & Bruno Florence Scholarship
Carl A. & Carla M. Buck Memorial Scholarship
Christopher & Mary Ann Bulger Family Scholarship
Paul Buller Entrepreneurial Leadership Scholarship
Bob & Stevie Burke Scholarship
Mary Fahay Busch Scholarship
Judy & Bruce Butler Family Scholarship
Kenneth Butler Memorial Scholarship
Molly & Stewart Butler Scholarship
Michael J. Byrne & Richard Spils Memorial Scholarship


Joseph F. & Sharon M. Cade ('76) Scholarship
Dennis A. & Peggy M. Calfee Scholarship
California Scholarship
Callahan-Zeller Foundation Scholarship
John E. Cannon, Sr. Scholarship
C. Pat Carroll, S.J. Opportunity Scholarship
Clifford A. Carroll, S.J. Scholarship
J. Alfred Carroll, S.J. Scholarship
Leslie M. Carroll Scholarship
Marguerite M. & Henry J. Casey Scholarship
Joseph M. Cataldo, S.J. Scholarship
Alma & Gill A. Centioli Scholarship
Chair's Scholars Scholarship
Henri P. Charvet, S.J. Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. Chester Chastek Scholarship
Harry E. Chisholm Scholarship
Class of '79 Scholarship
Class of '98 Scholarship
Class Reunion Law Scholarship
Robert & Ramona Clavel Civil Engineering Scholarship
Beverly J. Clegg Memorial Scholarship
William and Virginia Clemens Scholarship in honor of Del Skillingstad, S.J.
Coca-Cola Foundation Scholarship
S. Earl Cochran Memorial Scholarship
Coffman Engineers Scholarship
James E. Collins, Jr. Scholarship
Comstock Foundation Scholarship
Dr. James R. & Bridget Condon Student Athlete Scholarship
Francis W. Conn, S.J. Memorial Scholarship
Walter J. & Donna F. Conn Scholarship
Daryl & Michele Connell Scholarship
Lawrence F. ('27, '29) & Kathleen Connolly Scholarship
John P. Connors, M.D. Memorial Scholarship
Teresita Coombes Trinity Scholarship
George and Pearl Corkery Scholarship
Paul Corkery, S.J. & Francis Corkery, S.J. ('26) Scholarship
COSTCO Opportunity Scholarship
Bartley & Catherine Costello Scholarship
John & Mary Jo Costello Law Scholarship
Cote-Mangold-Quiamzon Memorial Scholarship
Coughlin Family Scholarship
Marie M. Crabtree Scholarship
C. Pat & Jean Craigen Scholarship
Colonel John E. Crandell Scholarship
Bing Crosby Memorial Scholarship
James & Elizabeth Cummins Scholarship


Charles Henry Davis Scholarship
Donald Davis, S.J. Scholarship
Henry L. Day Scholarship
Jim & Raeceil Day Scholarship
Dean's Business Forum Scholarship
Richard J. DeBlieck Scholarship
DeFeyter Family Scholarship
Dell'Osso Family Business Scholarship
Denver Regional Scholarship
deViverios Scholarship
Robert & Evelyn Dieringer Scholarship
Richard W. Dillman Memorial Scholarship
Ditter Family Scholarship
William R. & Kathleen A. (McFarland) Dobner Scholarship
Drs. Albert & Isaslawa Dresner Scholarship
Theodore Dreyer Memorial Scholarship
Driessel Family Scholarship
Lawrence E. Duffy Scholarship
Walter W. Duncan Memorial Scholarship
John ('26) & Isabel d'Urbal Scholarship
Durkan Family Scholarship
Hamel-Dussault Families Memorial Scholarship


William Earl Edmonds Scholarship
Ehorn Scholarship
John Wiltsie Epton, Jr. Scholarship
Staunton-Etchart Memorial Scholarship


Mary Olson Fairhurst Memorial Scholarship
Dennis M. Fazzari Scholarship
I.S. & Emily C. Fetterman Scholarship
W. Brooks & Martha Fields Minnesota Scholarship
Charles C. Finucane Scholarship
John & Mary Ann Firkins Memorial Scholarship
Walter J. Fitzgerald, S.J. Scholarship
Two Honest Friars' Scholarship: Maurice G. Flaherty, S.J. & William Weller, S.J.
Elizabeth Fluor Taylor Scholarship for Women in Engineering
Patrick J. Ford, S.J. Scholarship
Neal and Helen Fosseen Scholarship
A.O. & Evelyn Foster Scholarship
Richard & Orlanta Franck Mater Dei Scholarship
Roger & Marian Fruci Accounting Scholarship


Joe P. & Joan L. Gagliardi Family Scholarship
Maurice Gales Scholarship
John A. Galligan & William F. Donnelly Scholarship
Garco Athletic Scholarship
Garco Civil Engineering Scholarship
J.W. Garrity Athletic Scholarship
Janice (Bennett) Geier Scholarship
Gelli Family Gonzaga-in-Florence Scholarship
Gemmill Family Athletic Scholarship
General Law Scholarship
General Memorial Scholarship
General Scholarship
Terry & Kim Gieber Fine Arts Scholarship
Gilbert Family Scholarship for Veterans
Robert J. Gillingham, S.J. Scholarship
Gilmartin Athletic Scholarship
Sally Ann Glynn Memorial Scholarship
Gonzaga University Completion Fund
Sperry H. Goodman Scholarship
John & Alvin Gordon Scholarship
Ed & Candy Gormley Scholarship
Workland-Gose Scholarship
Graduate School of Business Scholarship
George & Marianne Grant Basketball Scholarship
George & Marianne Grant Engineering Scholarship
Grasham Scholarship
Josef & Stephany Gray Scholarship
Grays Harbor Scholarship
George & Anita Grismer Scholarship
J. Francis Gubbins, S.J. Native American Scholarship
J. Francis Gubbins, S.J. Scholarship
Dorothy E. Guild Nursing Scholarship
Greater Gonzaga Guild Scholarship
Roger K. Guise Memorial Scholarship
Herschel R. & Mary R. Gustafson Scholarship
Larry L. Guthrie Nursing Scholarship in honor of Gertrude O. Guthrie


Donald & Pauline Hagan Academic Scholarship
Joseph T. & Patricia P. Hall Scholarship
Marjory Halvorson Vocal Scholarship
Hamel-Dussault Families Memorial Scholarship
Bob & Donna Hanson Scholarship
Erik W. Hanson Memorial Scholarship
Fred L. & Elizabeth J. Hanson Athletic Scholarship
Fred L. & Elizabeth J. Hanson Scholarship
Haws Scholarship
William Randolph Hearst Scholarship
Jane Hedequist Memorial Scholarship
Heffernan Family Scholarship
John J. Hemmingson Scholarship for Women's Basketball
Tim Henning Memorial Scholarship
Carol L. Herak Scholarship
Herche Family Fund
Horton & Mazie Herman Scholarship
Horton & Mazie Herman Women's Golf Scholarship
Herres-Munroe Scholarship
Hersholt Family Scholarship
William & Ruth Hertz Scholarship for Baseball
Anthony T. Wadden/Michael B. Herzog Academic Scholarship
Mallene and Hans Herzog Scholarship
Hiki No Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. John Hildebrand Law Scholarship
Conrad N. Hilton Scholarship
Daniel P. Hogan, Jr. Family Scholarship
Hooker Creek Ranch Scholarship
Stanton Hooper Family Scholarship
Hoover Family Scholarship
Dr. Dennis R. & Sandra W. Horn Engineering in Florence Scholarship
Horrigan Foundation Completion Fund
Judge Bert Horrigan Memorial Law Scholarship
Humphreys Entrepreneurial Scholarship


John Prange, S.J./Ignatian Leaders Scholarship
W.P. Ilgen Engineering Scholarship
LTC James P. Isenhower, Jr. Memorial Scholarship


J 'n' M Legacy Scholarship
J 'n' M Memorial Scholarship
Kathryn A. Jacklin Memorial Scholarship
Ed & Euretta James Scholarship
Janicki Family Scholarship
Thomas Jefferson Scholarship
Dr. & Mrs. Edward S. Jennings Memorial Scholarship
Roy J. Johnson Memorial Scholarship
Eric A. Johnston Scholarship
Ina H. Johnston Scholarship


Kaiser Aluminum Fabricated Products Scholarship
Donald A. Kamp Memorial Mathematics Scholarship
Albert A. Kelly Memorial Scholarship
John P. & Dorothy C. Kelly Scholarship
Marcus Kelly Family Memorial Scholarship
Anna & Edward J. Kennedy Family Scholarship
Duff & Dorothy Kennedy Memorial Scholarship
Helen K. Kepl Scholarship
Joseph R. Keys Portland Area Scholarship
Henry & Margaret Kinzer Scholarship
Violet & Roy Knott Scholarship
Dr. John J. Kohls ('69) Memorial Scholarship
Nora Garvin Kommers Scholarship
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Konlock Scholarship
Dr. Benjamin C. Koreski Scholarship
Jacob J. & Anna Clara (Voggenthaler) Kuch Scholarship
Judge Albert I. Kulzer Memorial Scholarship


Arlene E. & Arthur L. LaMasters Scholarship
Lampson Family/Fr. Tony Lehmann Scholarship
Milton F., Leona G. (Kuch) & Milton J. ('60) Langlois Family Scholarship
Louie H. & Donna M. Lapke Scholarship
James & Nina Larkin Memorial Scholarship
Charles & Margaret Larson Scholarship
Law Faculty Student Scholarship
Law School Scholarship
Daniel & Lisa Sue Lee Scholarship
Lampson Family/Fr. Tony Lehmann Scholarship
Tony Lehmann, S.J. Scholarship
Tony J. Lehmann, S.J. Scholarship
Padre Lehmann/Father Regimbal Gonzaga-in-Florence Scholarship
Frank & Ethel Lenzie Scholarship
Bernard & Mafalda Levernier Family Scholarship
William Lindberg Scholarship
C. Maya Lit Art Scholarship
Lena & Nancy Longo Communication Arts Scholarship
Paul & Lita (Barnett) Luvera Law Scholarship
Elizabeth A. Lynn Scholarship


MW Consulting Engineering Scholarship
Edwin T. MacCamy, M.D. & Elinor McAuley MacCamy Scholarship
Matthew Madison Florence Scholarship
Harry F. & Colleen B. Magnuson Family Scholarship
Cote-Mangold-Quiamzon Memorial Scholarship
C. Dan Martin & C.Y. Martin Scholarship
C.Y. Martin Foundation Scholarship
Michael C. Mathis ('65) Florence Scholarship
Michael C. Mathis Memorial Scholarship
Virginia Maughan Scholarship
Mary & Ray "Doc" Mauro Scholarship
Carl Maxey Memorial Scholarship
McCarthey Family Gonzaga-in-Florence Scholarship
Philip G. McCarthey Gonzaga-in-Florence Scholarship
Joseph L. McCarthy Scholarship
Lawrence H. & Florence (Olivet) McCormack Scholarship
Helen C. McDonald Scholarship
Ivah M. McDonnell Scholarship
Gerald R. McFaul Memorial Scholarship
Jimmy McGann Scholarship
Dr. James G. McGivern Engineering Scholarship
Ben & Betty McInturff Scholarship
James Francis Cardinal McIntyre Scholarship
Anita L. (Sherar) McKee Memorial Scholarship
Denver & Mary McLeod Memorial Scholarship
John McShain Charities, Inc. Scholarship
Lloyd Meeds Memorial Law Scholarship
John (Jack) R. & Rose C. Meersman Scholarship
Alvera Brown Meighan Scholarship
Eleanor J. Mele Scholarship
Merwin Music Department Scholarship
Joseph C. Metcalfe Memorial Scholarship
Yale Metzger & Susan Richmond Law Scholarship
John & Catherine Michels Scholarship
Patrick T. Mick ('06) Scholarship
Jack D. Miklos Scholarship
Don & Betty Miller Memorial Scholarship
Lyle W. Moore Scholarship
Thomas More Scholarship
Frances C. Morgan Scholarship
 Al Morisette, S.J. Scholarship
Taka Moriyasu Elementary Education Scholarship
Tatsuo "Tex" Moriyasu Memorial Scholarship
Elaine (Morris) Myers & Patrick Morris Scholarship
Moss Adams Accounting Scholarship
John & Melinda Moynier Scholarship
Angelo R. Mozilo Family Scholarship
Multi-Class Scholarship
Herres-Munroe Scholarship
Murphy Family Fund: Thomas, Katherine, Monica & William ('32) Murphy
Joseph C. & Muriel E. Murphy Scholarship
Patrick H. & Fran Murphy Scholarship
Clarence & Della Murray Scholarship
Elaine (Morris) Myers & Patrick Morris Scholarship


Jack G. & Katherine E. Neupert Memorial Scholarship
New Testament Studies Scholarship
James W. Nickolaus Memorial Scholarship
Frank A. & Margaret M. Nigro Family Scholarship in Religious Studies
John W. ('43) & Francis (Fagan) Nitkey Accounting & Nursing Scholarship
Nuxoll Family Memorial Law Scholarship


Richard Darby O'Brien, Jr. Scholarship
O'Connell Family Athletic Scholarship
Monica & William L. O'Connell, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Charlie & Doris O'Connor Scholarship
William & Betty Ogle Scholarship
O'Hagen Scholarship
Mark & Colleen O'Hollaren Scholarship
Timothy J. O'Leary, S.J. Scholarship
Donald & Joan Olson Scholarship
108 Club - Montana Scholarship
Richard J. O'Neill Family Athletic Scholarship
Lewis H. Orland Law Scholarship
Michael J. Ornellas ('66) Memorial Scholarship
Ossello Family Scholarship
R. Michael & Mary (Owens) Shanahan Scholarship


Stanley J. Padden Scholarship
Robert (Eddie) Page Scholarship
Robert & Carol Palencar Scholarship
Pearson Family Scholarship
Dr. & Mrs. Otto J. Penna Scholarship
Perko Family Scholarship
Barbara Helen Perrey Memorial Scholarship
Peterson Family Scholarship
Philosophy Scholarship
Phoenix Regional Scholarship
Drew Corley Pierson Memorial Scholarship
Megan Therese Piper ('92) Memorial Scholarship
Polich Family Scholarship
Stephen N. Pope Scholarship
Portland, Oregon Area Scholarship
Portland Regional Scholarship
Richard & Helen Powers Family Scholarship
Robert K. & Ann J. Powers Scholarship
John Prange, S.J./Ignatian Leaders Scholarship
Edward & Helen Prevol & Arlene Prevol-Koeferl Scholarship
Robert Prusch Wellpinit & Nespelem Scholarship
Marty Pujolar Alumni Scholarship


Cote-Mangold-Quiamzon Memorial Scholarship


Philip M. & Mary Raekes Law Scholarship
Susan M. Rauenhorst Turner Scholarship for the Mater Dei Program
Ravarino Florence Scholarship
Mark & Barbara Ray Scholarship
Paul A. Redmond Engineering Scholarship
Paul & Barbara Redmond Nursing Scholarship
Regents Nucleus Scholarship
Padre Lehmann/Father Regimbal Gonzaga-in-Florence Scholarship
Cayla Reisenauer Family Scholarship
Edward J. & Bunny (Suva) Renouard Engineering Scholarship
Edward J. & Bunny (Suva) Renouard Scholarship
Renee Reuther Law Student Scholarship
Gilbert and Catherine Rhodes Scholarship
Margaret S. Richards Memorial Scholarship
Richardson Family Scholarship
Yale Metzger & Susan Richmond Law Scholarship
Aleck M. & Mary M. Ripple Memorial Scholarship
Roach Family Law Scholarship
Norman & Dorita Roberts Family Scholarship
Roche Family Scholarship
Judge Willard J. Roe Memorial Scholarship
Jim & Jean Roeber Family Scholarship
Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation Scholarship
Roothaan Achievement Scholarship
David & Maureen Rorick Scholarship
Joseph Merton & Jessie Rosauer Family Scholarship
Glo E. Ross Scholarship
Rudisile Family Scholarship
Kermit ('51) & Frances Rudolf Athletic Scholarship
Kermit ('51) & Frances Rudolf Law Scholarship
Donald R. & Kathleen P. Ryan Memorial Scholarship


Madeleine St. Marie Scholarship
Sachtjen Family Alaska Scholarship
Frances A. & Sam R. Salla Memorial Scholarship
Timothy J. Sarbaugh Scholarship
Megan M. (Taylor) Satchell ('02) & Sarah J. (Taylor) Schwering ('04) Scholarship
Bernard A. Schons Scholarship
Mary L. Schons Scholarship
William H. Schumaker Scholarship
Megan M. (Taylor) Satchell ('02) & Sarah J. (Taylor) Schwering ('04) Scholarship
Seattle Regional Scholarship
Father Bruno Segatta Gonzaga-in-Florence Scholarship
Joseph M. Shabaz Scholarship
R. Michael & Mary (Owens) Shanahan Scholarship
Malcolm C. & Elizabeth M. Sharp, Sr.; Malcolm C. Sharp, Jr.  & James Laughlan Sharp, Sr. Scholarship
Mary Katherine Shaw Memorial Florence Scholarship
Archie P. Sherar Memorial Scholarship
Hugh Sherrick Family Scholarship
Ivan A. Shirk Engineering Scholarship
Paul B. Shorett Memorial Scholarship
Catherine Filene Shouse Scholarship
Mary F. Simkins Scholarship
William and Virginia Clemens Scholarship in honor of Del Skillingstad, S.J.
Dr. Robert G. Skok Scholarship
Harry H. & Marguerite Sladich Scholarship
Elmer E. Smith, Jr. Scholarship
Robert A. & Celeste Smith Scholarship
Frost & Margaret Snyder Scholarship
Sodexo Scholarship
Sofka Family Scholarship
Lee M. Solomon Law Scholarship
Michael J. Byrne & Richard Spils Memorial Scholarship
Blanche H. Spitzer Scholarship
Spokane Regional Scholarship
Judy Springer Memorial Scholarship
Staunton-Etchart Memorial Scholarship
Steele-Reese Scholarship
Jeff and Veronica Steffan Scholarship
Steilen Family Scholarship
John F. Stepich Memorial Scholarship
Donald L. and Lucy Ann Stoner Scholarship
Bill & Peggy Stordahl Scholarship
George J. Struble Scholarship
Matt & Brooke Sullivan Scholarship
Michael D. Sullivan Scholarship
Pat & Diane Sullivan Law Scholarship


Colonel Ernest E. Tabscott Scholarship
Tacoma Regional Scholarship
Elizabeth Fluor Taylor Scholarship for Women in Engineering
Richard B. Taylor II Family Scholarship
Texas Regional Scholarship
Glen & Bernadine Thoennes Scholarship
Sylvia Ann Thomas Law Clinic Student Scholarship
Jill & Thatcher Thompson Scholarship
Three Ladies Memorial Scholarship
Charles A. & Helen Tilford Scholarship
Tom & Camilla Tilford Scholarship
Timberlake Family Scholarship
John & Ann Timm Scholarship
"To Be Continued" Fund
Michael & Annie Tobin Family Scholarship
Toepel Family Memorial Scholarship
Ernest H. & Greta M. Toll Engineering Scholarship
Walter A. Toly Memorial Scholarship
Erwin J. Toner, S.J. Scholarship
Townsend Memorial Scholarship
Tri-Cities Regional Scholarship
Peter M. Tripp Memorial Scholarship
John Tubbs Memorial Scholarship
John & Betty Tubbs Memorial Scholarship
Tucci Family Florence Scholarship
Tucci Family Scholarship
Tucci/NAPA Scholarship
Susan M. Rauenhorst Turner Scholarship for the Mater Dei Program
Richard E. Twohy, S.J. Scholarship


Union Pacific Foundation Scholarship


V-12 Scholarship
William L. Van Sistine Scholarship
GU Bay Area - Via & Bruno Florence Scholarship
Anthony Via, S.J. Gonzaga-in-Florence Scholarship
Anthony P. Via, S.J. Gonzaga-in-Florence Scholarship
Paul Voell Memorial Scholarship
Vogelheim Family Scholarship
Pat and Sandy Volkar Scholarship for Men's Basketball
Vomaske Family Scholarship


Anthony T. Wadden/Michael B. Herzog Academic Scholarship
Wallace Foundation Scholarship
Robert Wark Scholarship
Prentice & Virginia Warner Scholarship
Carrie Welch Law Scholarship
Carrie Welch Scholarship
Peter & Carol Welk Religious Studies Scholarship
Two Honest Friars' Scholarship: Maurice G. Flaherty, S.J. & William Weller, S.J.
Helen & Joe Welty Scholarship
Christopher M. West Memorial Scholarship
Dennis & Jacqueline Wheeler Centennial Scholarship
Apregan Family Scholarship by Patricia A. (Whitehead '80) Apregan
Jeanne Wiest Scholarship
Harry L. Williams Scholarship
WINGS Scholarship
Alvin J. Wolff Fund
David Wollersheim Mechanical Engineering Scholarship
Workland-Gose Scholarship

Endowed Chairs and Lectureships

John L. Aram Chair of Business Ethics
Alphonse A. and Geraldine F. Arnold Professorship
Van F. Christoph, S.J. Memorial Lectureship
Bernard J. Coughlin, S.J. Chair in Christian Philosophy
Frederick N. and Barbara T. Curley Chair of Commercial Law
J. Donald and Valena (Scarpelli) Curran Chair of Legal Ethics
William Lyle Davis, S.J. Memorial Lectureship
Milo P. and Maud O. Flannery Chair of Theology
Erwin Graue Chair of Economics
John J. Hemmingson Faculty Chair in Civil Liberties
James R. Jundt Chair of Economics
Kreielsheimer Foundation Chair of Fine Arts
Smithmoore P. Myers Chair
Timothy J. O'Leary, S.J. Chair of Chemistry
Pigott Professor in Entrepreneurship
Robert K. and Ann J. Powers Chair of Humanities
Kinsey M. Robinson Chair of Business Administration
Dr. Scholl Foundation Distinguished Chair of Chemistry

Other Endowments

Carol Albright Publication Fund
Andy Anderson Memorial Fund
Edith L. Anderson Fund
Andrade Family Outdoor Orientation Fund
Alphonse A. and Geraldine F. Arnold Trinity Trust
Arts and Sciences Faculty Enrichment Fund
Athletic Academic Center Fund
Lou Barbieri Athletic Fund
Clarence H. Barnes Faculty Fellowship Fund
Clarence H. Barnes Legacy Faculty Fellowship & Academic Enhancement Fund
Battelle Science Library Fund
Bierce/Evavold Memorial Fund
Fred E. and Venora E. Bigelow Loan Fund
William N. Bischoff, S.J. History Library Book Fund
Christine Bozarth Fund
Christine Bozarth (Quasi) Fund
Horace C. Bozarth - Aged Jesuit Fund
Jack Burger Memorial Fund
Business Faculty Enrichment Fund
Cardoner Retreat Fund
Carroll Memorial Fund
Rebecca Cates & Family Fund for Catholic Programming
Patrick J. Cavanaugh Faculty Enrichment Fund
CCASL Mentoring Programs Fund
Gerard V. and Debora Centioli Faculty Fellowship for Excellence in Business Education
Suzanne Margaret Charlton Faculty Development Fund
Chemistry Library Fund
Choir Fund
Choir Tour Fund
John R. Clark Loan Repayment Assistance Program Fund
Harvey and Harriet Clarke Library Fund for Professionalism & Ethics
Class of 1964 Fund
Class of 1980 Library Fund
Class of 1981 Classroom Improvement Fund
Class of 1982 Classroom Improvement Fund
Class of 1999 Diversity Fund
Classes of '83, '85, '86, and '87 Library Improvement Fund
Gene J. Colin & Susan M. Janus Engineering Management Fund
College Science Research Fund
John H. Collins Fund
Marvel Collins Fund
Gonzaga-in-Florence Class of 1963-64 Fr. Joseph Conwell Fund for Italian Immersion
George Corkery, Jr. Men's Rowing Fund
George Corkery, Jr. Women's Rowing Fund
Frank B. Costello, S.J. Political Science Book Fund
William T. Costello, S.J. Poetry Award
Harry L. (Bing) Crosby Fund
Endowment for Cross Country & Track
Joseph P. Delay Law Book Fund
Doctoral Leadership Diversity Fund
John W. Dunne, S.J. Fund
Arthur L. Dussault, S.J. Foundation for Gonzaga University
Otto J. Eckel Fund
Engineering Design Exposition Day Funded by SCAFCO
1Lt. Forrest P. Ewens Memorial Servant Leadership Award
Faculty Enrichment Fund
Dan Fitzgerald Fund
Foley Library Fund
Gonzaga Center for Law and Justice Fund
Gonzaga-in-Florence Class of 1963-64 Fr. Joseph Conwell Fund for Italian Immersion
Gonzaga-in-Florence Class of 1977-78 Memorial Travel Fund
Gonzaga-in-Florence Fund
Gonzaga University Parents' Library Periodical Fund
Thomas P. Gose Fund
Robert Greco Family Fund for Men's Basketball
T. Jerry and Helen Greenan Law Library Fund
Michael & Gail Gurian English Award
Richard & Lynn Guy Public Interest Law
Don and Carol Herak Engineering Equipment Fund
Don and Carol Herak Engineering Faculty Development Fund
Hildeband/Pease Law Library Fund
Conrad N. Hilton Community Service Fund
Hogan Program Fund
International Cultural Center Fund
Gene J. Colin & Susan M. Janus Engineering Management Fund
Jesuit Mission Trust Fund
Kellogg Grant Fund
Eva Lassman Memorial Student Research Fund
Law Campaign Fund
Law Faculty Loan Fund
Law Foundation Scholar Fund
Law Library Fund
Law Library Book Fund
Law Quasi Fund
Law Review Fund
Law School Fund
Anna Marie Ledgerwood Fund
Lesley Lee Memorial Fund
Rhoady and Jean Marie Lee Retreat Fund
Legal Ethics Fund
William S. Leonard Fund
Liebelt Family Fund for Faith Retreats
Carl J. Lindberg Loyalty Medal Fund
Linden Cup Fund
Loeken Faculty/Staff Recognition Fund
Robert V. Lyons, Yvonne E. Lyons, Eileen E. Lyons and Robert V. Lyons, Jr., S.J., Jesuit Academic and Administrative Services Fund
Harry F. Magnuson Trust Fund
Tom Mallot Fund
Simon and Darcy Manning Florence Travel Fund
E. Thomas Martin Gonzaga-in-Florence Fund
McCarthey Athletic Compensation Fund
Mary Kay McCarty Memorial Fund
Linda McKay Clark Work Award
Frank McMahon Fund
Men's Basketball Fund
Eleanor Miller/Welch Foundation Fund
Ministry for Life Fund
Minneapolis Fund
Mission Fund
Mission Trust Fund
Scott & Liz Morris Academic Fund for Athletics
Mosque Operations Fund
Angelo & Phyllis Mozilo Faculty Innovation Fund for the School of Business Administration
Mullally Retreat & Ministry Program Fund
John W. Murphy President's Trust Fund
Museum Exhibition Fund
NCAA Athletic Academic Enhancement Fund
NCAA/Sara Lee Woman of the Year Fund
Dr. Kay Nakamaye Research Award
Ken Norrie Faculty Development Fund
Verne and Mary Oliver Fund
Coletta W. O'Meara Fund
Pack River Properties Fund
Hildebrand/Pease Law Library Fund
Suzanne Penney Fund
Piano and Organ Maintenance Fund
Colleen Randall Women's Golf Enhancement Fund
David and Cathleen Reisenauer Family Bulldog Fund
Ridpath Stock Fund
Leonard and Evelyn Riley Athletic Fund
Norman and Dorita Roberts Law Faculty Research Fund
Rothrock Fund
Patricia A. Ruzyla Nursing Award
George H. Sandy Foundation Library Fund
Jake Schiffner Fund
Fredrick and Genevieve Schlatter Print Fund
School of Business Academic Enhancement Fund
Harold Schultheis Fund
Shenanigan's Athletic Fund
Sodexo: Cataldo Operations Fund
Robert J. Spitzer, S.J. Leadership Fund
Jonathan and Michele Staben Baseball Fund
Steele-Reese Foundation Humanities Library Fund
Dallas E. Stroeschein Memorial Fund
John H. Taylor, S.J. Memorial Book Fund
John Lee Teufel, S.J. Memorial Book Fund
Jacob Triesch Athletic Fund
Unrestricted Gifts Fund
J. Charles Walsh, S.J. Memorial Law Library Fund
Wasmer Music Fund
Carrie Welch Loan Fund
James T. and Eleanor B. Weston Engineering Excellence Fund
Sam Williamson Fund
Women's Basketball Fund