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When & Where: April 19, 2016

11 am to 2 pm - Hemmingson Center Rotunda

We unite in appreciation together on April 19th, 2016 to honor the 13,287 alumni who made this school year possible. Join the Gonzaga community in welcoming a day of gratitude, recognition, and appreciation for the Gonzaga donors that make it all possible. This year we reflect on the Gonzaga alumni of the past who have had a hand in making this year possible. Essentially the tomorrow at Gonzaga is made possible because of the generosity of alumni who gave yesterday.

How can you show your #ZagDonorLove? 
  • Use #ZagDonorLove, #TMP2016, #ZaGratitude---Compete in the #ZagDonorLove Social Media contest and share what you are thankful for at GU.
  • Make your own gift to Gonzaga and help make another tomorrow possible for the future of Gonzaga.
  • Explore the stations around the John J Hemmingson center first floor from 11AM-2PM with a Passport. Visit 3 stations & turn in your Passport to receive a prize, visit all 6 stations and be entered to win the grand prize, attendance at a luncheon with President McCulloh!

Stations to visit include:

  • Capture the day’s moments and strike a pose at the photobooth, the pictures will be shared with alumni and donors, and students can take them home too!
  • Sign one of the world’s largest thank-you cards.
  • Compete for your scholarship in a tricycle race.
  • Write a message on the Zag Wall.
  • Stop by and talk to the students at Telefund, learning about who GU's donors are how you can get involved with student philanthropy.
  • Play some games

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