Karissa Waltkins

Charles A. and Dolores A. Barry Memorial Scholarship

2010-2011 Recipient:  Karissa Watkins

Karissa Watkins

Karissa is a Gonzaga freshman this year, having come from Mead Senior High School in Spokane. She chose Gonzaga because she wanted to attend a private university. "I have been to public school my whole life, and here at the private school I seem to have a more overall feel of community and involvement."

Karissa is studying Nursing "because I love helping others and I find a large sense of pride in knowing that every day I can help save someone's life." In particular, she wants to pursue a career in neonatal nursing. "I want to be a neonatal nurse because I absolutely love babies. The intensive care unit is an area that I want to specialize in because I've researched the work in this environment and it strikes my interest more than other areas of nursing."

Nursing is a demanding field of study, so Karissa has not yet become involved in any organized extracurricular activities, but she is hoping to become a cheerleader her sophomore year.

Karissa expressed tremendous gratitude for her Barry Scholarship:  "The Barry Memorial Scholarship means a lot to me because it has given me the chance for a college education so that I can make a difference in the world. Without this scholarship, I honestly wouldn't have been able to attend Gonzaga University. I am very blessed to be granted such a scholarship; it has given me the confidence to realize that if apply myself, I can accomplish anything."

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