David Anthony

David Anthony

G.U. Alumni Association Scholar, '98-'00

B.A., Criminal Justice & Broadcast Studies, '99

David AnthonyProfessors have a profound impact on their students. For David, there were two professors in particular. "Al Miranne in the Criminal Justice/Sociology department was an outstanding advisor, and helped me coordinate my classes to graduate a semester early. Doug Kries in the Philosophy department gave a great introduction to ethics and critical thinking that continues to impact me today. Both of them wrote recommendation letters that assisted in my application for graduate school at Ohio State University."

Even though David has relocated several times since graduating from GU – moving to Oregon, Kentucky, and Ohio – the changes have not diminished some of his favorite memories of Gonzaga: "One of the outstanding men’s basketball players was my lab partner in physics…Gonzaga is a small enough school that memorable connections like that happen all the time."

David is back in higher education, but this time not as a student. He now is director of the Office of Student Life at Ohio State University.

"I am grateful to the Alumni Association for its support.  It was an outstanding scholarship award," David said.

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