Frequently Asked Blackboard 9 Questions and Answers.  For additional support call x5550

1 . How do I connect to Blackboard 9?^

You can access Gonzaga Blackboard 9 at

2 . How do I get training for Blackboard 9?^

You will find resources on our resource web page at in the form of printable PDF tutorials and video guides.   You can also look at our training schedule by logging into our training site at and viewing our current instructor-led Blackboard 9 training classes.

Atomic Learning has our online, on-demand instructor training videos for Blackboard.  You can access Atomic Learning at

Log in with your Gonzaga username and password.  Then under the applications dropdown menu, choose "Blackboard" to bring up the Blackboard videos.

3 . How Do I Make My Class Available (So Students Can Access it)?^

1.  Go To Control Panel in Class.
2.  Go to "Customization".
3.  Go to "Properties".
4.  Go to #3, Set Availability, and Choose "Yes" to make course available to users.
5.  Submit

4 . What Happened to the Control Panel?^

There is no separate page for the Control Panel any longer. Its functionality has been either absorbed into other areas (for example, the ability to add announcements and edit the course menu directly from the course home page) or it is located right here on the course home page, below the Course Menu, in the area entitled “Course Management.” All the tools that used to be on the Control Panel page are located within a sub-menu which can be accessed by clicking a down chevron.

5 . How do I create an Announcement?^

1.Go to the Announcements page (this is the default course home page).
2.Click the Edit Mode switch to “On” (this makes all the editing tools appear).
3.Click the “Create Announcement” button.
4.Enter information as needed and click “Submit.” (Note: Announcements will display unless otherwise restricted by a date range, most recent on top.)

6 . How do I add material to a content area?^

1.Click the Edit Mode switch to “On” (this will display all content areas of the course, even those which are unavailable or have no material in them).
2.Go to the content area in which you wish to add your material (e.g., upload a syllabus).
3.Click the “Create Item” button to upload a single document (or type in text).
4.Type in your text in section 1 or Browse to the document in section 2.
5.Set options as needed and click “Submit.”
6.For folders and external links, click that option under the “Build” button menu.
7.For tests, surveys, assignments, and Safe Assignments, click that option under the “Evaluate button menu.
8.For blogs, wikis, podcasts, and document packages (zipped files of multiple documents), click
that option under the “More” button menu.

7 . How do I change the course menu?^

1.Click the Edit Mode switch to “On” (this makes the entire menu and all options visible).
2.Links to areas of the course which are hidden or have no content will be grayed out.
3.Click the chevron to the right of any menu item to see the options for that item.
4.Click the double-headed arrow to the left of any menu item to drag-and-drop it to a new location.
5.Click the plus sign to the left of the course title for options to add content areas or links.
6.Click the “Edit Mode” switch to “Off” when you are done to see how this looks to students.

8 . How do I send an e-mail to my class?^

1.Go to the Tools page (there is no separate Communications page any longer).
2.Click the “Send Email” tool (tools are in alphabetical order, left column then right column).
3.Pick the option which best suits your purpose.
4.Enter subject and text, attach file if needed, then click “Submit.”

9 . How do I see the list of students in my class?^

1.Go to the Tools page and click the “Roster” tool.
2.In the Search bar, click the drop-down for the field showing the option “Contains” and select the last option, “Not Blank” (the name can be either first name or last name). Click “Go.”
3.The “Roster” tool works better to list all students, because the “Users” page under “Users and Groups” (in the Control Panel area) does not have the “not blank” option, so one can only search
for specific students.

10 . How Do I Make Changes to An Item I've Already Uploaded?^

1. Click the Edit Mode switch to “On” (this makes visible all the chevrons for item menus).
2. Click the chevron next to the item you need to modify (a long menu should pop up).
3. Click the first option, “Edit,” to change information or replace a file.
4. Note that ther e is a “Copy” button which allows copying this item to another course space; and
there is also a “Delete” option if necessary.

11 . How Do I Access the Grade Center?^

1. Click the chevron to the left of the Evaluation sub-menu (under the Control Panel area).
2. Click the Grade Center link (the Grade Center will take a few seconds to load).
3. Click the “Create Column” button to add an item to the Grade Center.
4. Hover the mouse over the “Manage” tool button in order to see a menu of tools options,
including the “Column Organization” page wher e you can show/hide columns, change the order
in which columns appear in the Grade Center, change the sort order and many other features.
5. Click the chevron to the right of any column header to see options for that grade center item,
including editing existing items, deleting columns, and options specific to certain types of
columns (for example, statistics for surveys or downloading files for assignments).
6. Click in the cell for a specific student and column in order to enter a grade; click the chevron
which appears on the right side of the cell for grade details or to add a comment.
7. Hover the mouse over the “Work Offline” button to see the options for downloading Ecelreadable
8. Under “Reports,” the “View Grade History” will show all changes to all student grades.
9. You can temporarily change the order of columns by using the “Sort Columns By” and “Order”
options (permanent changed should be done via “Column Organization” under “Manage”).
10. You can choose the number of rows to see at once by using the “Edit Rows Displayed” button.