Blackboard Top 10


Top 10 reasons to use Blackboard 9 for your course site

  1. Using Blackboard cuts down on the amount of unnecessary printed paper by providing digitally accessible versions of the content via the web (which can still be printed if necessary).
  2. Blackboard enables faculty members to easily adapt to unforeseen circumstances and changes in order to quickly and easily make necessary adjustments for assignments, meeting times and more by using the announcements section, built in email or updating files directly.
  3. Group activities allow for many student collaboration options including blogs, file sharing, and more so students can work together face to face as well as remotely.
  4. Teach more, not less: discussions that are truncated in class may continue electronically via discussion boards, blogs, wikis, pronto instant messaging etc.
  5. Various Blackboard tools, such as class blogs, allow classes to communicate as a whole regarding class projects, internship opportunities, gatherings and related resources and are a good way for classmates to get to know each other better.
  6. Built in quizzing and testing options which are automatically graded and entered into the Grade Center to quickly and easily reference the students results.
  7. Accept digital papers electronically via the Grade Center. Download student papers, edit with comments in Word etc., re-upload the paper for the student to view your edits and provide the appropriate grade all within the Grade Center.
  8. Post grades for students on an ongoing basis so they know how well they are doing during throughout the course (and at the end of the semester you will not have over 100 students emailing, calling and stopping by to find out their final grade)!
  9. Import interactive learning tools (using SoftChalk Lesson Builder) for students to better grasp hard to understand concepts and even pull these SoftChalk activities into the Grade Center for participation points or actual quiz grades using SCORM compliant standards.
  10. Blackboard tools can facilitate participation for students who typically do not feel comfortable talking in a live group setting by using discussion boards, blogs, pronto instant messaging and more.