Frequently Asked Questions

1 . What time does (the Cog, Crosby, the Bookstore, etc.) open/close?^

Most department hours, including Sodexo, and many of the services on campus can be found on the Department Hours page.

2 . Where can I park on campus? Where can I buy a parking permit? Where can I pay for parking tickets?^

For any and all questions regarding parking, please refer to the Campus Security Parking page. Questions may be directed to the Director of Parking at x4147.

3 . How do I check my Audix? How can I stop my Audix from automatically picking up?^

Audix instructions can be found here.

4 . Who do I call to fix a problem in my residence or office?^

Maintenance problems can be reported to Customer Service at x5656 or  For a more complete list of Plant Services' duties, please visit their FAQ page.

5 . Which pizza places take Flex? What are their phone numbers?^

Both Domino's (534-1910) and Papa John's (325-9500) take Flex.

Other off-campus dining numbers can be located at DexOnline.

6 . When is Graduation, Fall Family Weekend, Finals Week, etc.?^

Please visit the Academic Calendar for important University holidays and dates.