Instructions for Enrolling in eRefund (Direct Deposit)

1. Students log on to
2. Enter Secure Area
3. Enter GU ID in User ID
4. Enter PIN. (If you have forgotten your pin, please contact the Registrar's office at 313-6592 or the Student Accounts Office at 313-6812)
5. Click on "Login"
6. Select "Electronic Billing, Payment, Deposits and eRefund"
7. Click on "Enter CASHNet"
8. In the box labeled "eRefund Signup", click on "Please click here to enroll for direct deposit for refunds"
9. Click on "Yes, I want refunds deposited directly into my bank account"
10. Click "Add new account"
11. Assign a name for your saved direct deposit account; enter that in the "Name for this Account" box.
12. Enter the bank account holder's name into the "Account Holder Name" Box
13. Select either Checking or Savings
14. Enter your Account Number and your bank's Routing Transit Number in the appropriate boxes:**

What are my Routing Transit and Account numbers?


15. Please read the Terms and Conditions of eRefund and then click the "Agree Here" box on the bottom of the page
16.  Click "Submit", you will receive an email notice acknowledging your participation in eRefund.***


 ** The Student Accounts Office encourages students to review their banking information carefully when inputting the Bank Routing and Account numbers into the CASHNet eRefund signup form. In the event banking information is entered incorrectly, there will be a delay of up to 10 banking days for us to reissue the refund, as Student Accounts must wait for the disbursed funds to be returned to the University.

***ERefund deposits are generally available to you within 2-5 banking days after the refund has been processed, depending on the banking institution's policies and procedures.

*eRefund is available for students only, Authorized Payers and parents receiving a refund from a Parent PLUS loan are not allowed to enroll in eRefund. Once the student's account is paid in full and If there is a credit generated from a Parent PLUS loan, a physical check will be issued to the parent who took out the PLUS Loan.*