Financial Literacy


Financial literacy is the ability to understand the basic principles of money and how these principles work in the world.  Understanding how money works will lead you to self-sufficiency and make you less vulnerable to predatory practices. 

How you manage your money now will have a direct effect on your future ability to achieve your goals.

One way to achieve your future goals is to use these basic principles to create a sound foundation for making financial decisions.  Being financially literate will lead you to being in control of your money, instead of feeling like it is all out of your control. 

Student Financial Services wants to support students and promotes making student financial literacy part of the healthy campus initiative included in the Gonzaga University’s Strategic Plan 2020.

In campus partnerships we acknowledge that financial wellness and a student’s attitude toward money can directly affect what kind of future they will have after graduation.  Learning basic financial principles should be a part of your college education.   

Remember that while online resources can give you a general sense of what to be aware of, to receive specific information that focuses on your particular situation, please visit Student Financial Services with your questions and concerns.

Keep in Mind…

  • It starts with your outlook and behavior toward money and spending.
  • You don’t have to be afraid to talk about money. Discussing money is the best way to learn about money.
  • Even though many processes are done electronically, they are still under your control.
The following topics and links are designed to provide you with the industry’s best information on the various topics of becoming financially literate.   This information will give you a sense of the big picture.  Using these resources will give you knowledge to be in control of your money, and make it work for you!
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