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Welcome to Gonzaga's Financial Aid Page for Parents

This page includes information that addresses questions commonly asked by parents of prospective and current undergraduate students. We are dedicated to helping students and their families in pursuit of their educational goals. We hope you find helpful resources on our Financial Aid website, but be assured that our experienced Financial Aid staff is also willing and available to help. We look forward to serving you in any way possible.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have any questions.

IMPORTANT: All official correspondence from the Financial Aid Office is sent to your student's Gonzaga email address only. Gonzaga email should not be forwarded to a personal account, as it could risk the security of our correspondence or block important messages from our office.

FERPA Regulations

We encourage parents to get involved with their student's Gonzaga experience, and are happy to help you and your family. However, please be aware your son or daughter is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This means students must give written consent before information can be released to family members.

What Does It Cost?

The cost of attending Gonzaga may be estimated using our Out of Pocket Cost Worksheet. The Student Accounts Office has a listing of all costs for the upcoming year.

Changes in Financial Circumstances

If you or your family have experienced a change to the family or financial circumstances there is a process in which we may review the financial aid award.  Information about the circumstances we can consider as well as the appeal form can be found on our Unusual Financial Circumstances page.

Family Discount

Gonzaga University provides a Family Discount when there are multiple siblings simultaneously enrolled as full time, matriculated undergraduates. All siblings must be dependent undergraduate students for financial aid purposes in order to qualify for the Family Discount. The full policy is available here. To receive the discount, families must notify the Financial Aid Office of the siblings' simultaneous enrollment at the beginning of each year.

Pay Your Student's Account

Electronic billing statements are now sent to students at their Gonzaga email address. For information on how you can pay your student's account, click here to view instructions on how to access CASHNet and make online payments.

Parent PLUS Loans

Parents are able to apply for a Parent PLUS Loan to help cover any educational expenses. Loan details are available here. To apply for a PLUS Loan, logon to, click on "Request PLUS Loan," and input your information.

Gonzaga Parent & Family Advisor

This blog contains information and resources for parents on all aspects of your student's life at Gonzaga.

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