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Application for GIF Scholarship


Gonzaga-in-Florence, established in 1963, is the University's oldest and largest study abroad program. The city of Florence was chosen because of its tradition as the intellectual and artistic center of both the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It also was the student home of Aloysius Gonzaga for many years. The program is designed as an opportunity for cultural immersion in both Italian and European life. Due to the generous nature of the Gonzaga-in-Florence Program donors and alumni, many scholarships are available for students participating in the Gonzaga-in-Florence experience.

As most Gonzaga in Florence scholarships are need-based, students are required to complete the 2016-2017 and/or 2017-2018 FAFSA in order to be considered for a scholarship. Those students who do not complete a FAFSA will not be reviewed. The Financial Aid Office will work with the Study Abroad office to determine those students who are eligible to receive a Gonzaga in Florence scholarship. No separate applicaton is required. Students will be notified by either the Financial Aid Office or Study Abroad Office if they have received a scholarship for their study abroad experience.

If you have any questions regarding Gonzaga in Florence scholarships, please contact our office at or the Study Abroad Office at