Florence Fall 2013

Gonzaga-in-Florence  Course Schedule

Proposed courses as of: February 20, 2012 (subject to change)
Web site last updated: 22 July, 2013

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  • All classes meet Monday through Thursday
  • All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise specified
  • BT = Business Track
  • RT = Renaissance Track
  • IS = Italian Studies
  • ECON, HIST, POLS & SOCI will have Interdisciplinary Plenary Sessions
CRNTime Slot A
8:30 A.M.  - 9:30 A.M.              M.  T.   Th. Instructor
13055BFIN320Principles of Finance  (BT)Bozman
canc.EDPE190Foundation of Health, Sport and ActivityCancelled
13057ENGL366Italy the Journey and the Self  (IS & RT)Horvath
13058ITAL101Elementary Italian I, Sec. 1 (Also meets on Wed - 4 crs) (IS & RT)Baldini
13510ITAL101Elementary Italian I, Sec. 2 (Also meets on Wed - 4 crs) (IS & RT)Gori
13059POLS330Ruling WellGarvin
13060SPCO321Advanced Public SpeakingValente
CRNTime Slot B
9:35 A.M. - 10.35 A.M.               M.  T.   Th.      Instructor
13061MKTG310Principles of Marketing, Sec. 1 (BT)Bozman
13063ITAL101Elementary Italian 1, Sec. 3 (Also meets on Wed - 4 crs) (IS & RT)Batterman
13511ITAL101Elementary Italian 1, Sec. 4 (Also meets on Wed - 4 crs) (IS & RT)Lastrucci
13512ITAL101Elementary Italian 1, Sec. 5 (Also meets on Wed - 4 crs) (IS & RT)Baldini
13064ITAL105Elementary Italian Conversation I, Sec. 1 (Pre or Co-requisite ITAL 101) (RT)Gori
13065ITAL301Advanced Italian I (IS & RT)Russo
13066PHIL301Ethics, Sec.1DiMaria
VART360Museum Studies (Class meets M 9:35-10:35; Guided Tours W 9:35-11:40 - No class Tu or Th)
CRNTime Slot C
10:40 A.M. - 11:40 A.M.               M.  T.   Th.  Instructor
13069EDPE412Administration of Sport and AthleticsSunderland
13070ECON304Economics of Environment ProtectionEvans
13071ENVS320Economics of Environment ProtectionEvans
13324ENGL305The Writing TravelerMagarian
13073ITAL101Elementary Italian 1, Sec. 6 (Also meets on Wed - 4 crs) (IS & RT)Lastrucci
13513ITAL101Elementary Italian 1, Sec. 7 (Also meets on Wed - 4 crs) (IS & RT)Baldini
13074ITAL102Elementary Italian II (Also meets on Wed - 4 crs) (IS & RT)Batterman
13075MKTG310Principles of Marketing, Sec. 2  (BT)Bozman
13076PHIL301Ethics, Sec. 2DiMaria
Roman Art and Architecture (RT) (Limited enrollment - Counts as A&S Fine Arts requirement)Carrara
CRN Time Slot D
11:45 A.M. - 12:45 P.M.               M.  T.   Th.  Instructor
13079ITAL101 Elementary Italian I, Sec. 8 (Also meets on Wed - 4 crs) (IS & RT)Russo
13514ITAL101Elementary Italian 1, Sec. 9 (Also meets on Wed - 4 crs) (IS & RT)Batterman
13515ITAL101Elementary Italian 1, Sec. 10 (Also meets on Wed - 4 crs) (IS & RT)Lastrucci
13080ITAL201Intermediate Italian I (Also meets on Wed - 4 crs) (IS & RT)Merli
Canc.ITAL350Italian Civilization & Culture (Prereq. ITAL 202 or Instructor's approval) (IS & RT)Cancelled
13082OPER340Operations Management (BT)Pazzaglia
Florence of the Medici, Sec.1 (Does not meet on Th - Tours on Wed Required) (RT)Carrara
CRNTime Slot E
2:15 P.M. - 3:15 P.M.               M.  T.   Th.  Instructor
13085BUSN283Business LawGuy/Fairhurst
13142VART294Florence of the Medici, Sec.2 (Does not meet on Th - Tours on Wed Required) (RT) Carrara
CRNTime Slot F
2:00 P.M. - 3:30 P.M.               M. W.Instructor
13087ENGL202Studies in FictionHorvath
canc.MKTG489Fashion Marketing (limited enrollment) - Meets 5:00-6:30pmCancelled
13090POLS486Seminar on MachiavelliGarvin
13091PSYC335Social PsychologyPasseri
CRNTime Slot G
2:00 P.M. - 3:30 P.M.              T. Th. Instructor
13092HIST391Etruscans and RomansPettena
13093MGMT350Principles of Management (BT)Mancini
CRNTime Slot H
3:35 P.M. - 6:30 P.M.               M.
13094ECON311Global Economic IssuesGiuntini
13095INST343Global Economic IssuesGiuntini
13096HIST311Medieval Europe (RT)Sabbadini
13097ITAL366Medieval Europe (RT)Sabbadini
CRNTime Slot I
3:35 P.M. - 6:30 P.M.               T. Instructor
13100COMM480Cross Cultural Communication (IS)Birindelli
13101HIST330The Holocaust - Class meets 2:00-5:00pmBaranova
13102RELI390Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Faith in a World Come of AgeAndreini
CRNTime Slot J
3:35 P.M. - 6:30 P.M.              W. Instructor
13062EDPE340Psycho-Social Aspects of SportSunderland
13104MUSC185Gender and Sexuality in Italian Opera  Click here to see a YouTube intro to the course!Costa
13105WGST380Gender and Sexuality in Italian Opera  Click here to see a YouTube intro the the course!Costa
13106SOCI395Sociology of Italian Culture (IS)Birindelli
13107VART101Drawing I
Time Slot K
3:35 P.M. - 5:05 P.M.            M. T
13108ENGL366Contemporary Novel