Gonzaga in Florence Faculty

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Gonzaga in Florence Faculty

Gonzaga-in-Florence faculty is composed of professors from Gonzaga University and the University of Florence. "Students at Gonzaga-in-Florence benefit from a high level of academic instruction from both European and U.S. faculty. The administration supports faculty as they integrate learning and travel. The result is a rich, holistic, and transformative experience for students and professors alike." - Dr. Mark Alfino, Professor of Philosophy, GU.

The Gonzaga-in-Florence Faculty

link Andreini, Alessandro
link Baldini, Serena
link Baranova, Olga
link Batterman, Henry
link Belacchi, Filippo
link Birindelli, Pierluca
link Burke, J. Patrick
link Carrara, Mercedes

link Fischer, Peter
link Garriott, Anita
link Gbikpi, Bernard
link Giuntini, Andrea
link Horvath, Gabriela
link Jochamowitz, Lucy
link Lastrucci, Barbara
Magarian, Baret

link Mancini, Lucia
link Passeri, Silla
link Pazzaglia, Alessandro
link Russo, Giovanna
link Sabbadini, Roberto
link Sayed, Fatma
link Vossilla, Francesco