Filippo Belacchi

Filippo Belacchi

Filippo Belacchi
  • B.A., University of Urbino
  • M.A., Philosophy, University of Urbino
  • Ph.D., European Intercultural Studies, University of Urbino


Biographical Information

Filippo Belacchi has earned his M.A. in Philosophy and his PhD in European Intercultural Studies from Urbino University. He wrote his Ph.D thesis on the aesthetic concept of  Epiphany in xx century western novel. He has published literary essays on Vladimir Nabokov and Martin Amis on « Nuovi Argomenti».Professor Belacchi's area of interest is feeling and emotions and the way are depicted, represented, expressed and lived in some western novels of the last two centuries.

Course Description

Contemporary Novel (ENGL 366)
This course is a journey that begins with the Ancient Greeks and funnily enough ends also with the Ancient Greeks; in between these two landmarks we will meet  the modern man and woman and their cultural evolution, their sentimental education. We will investigate how men and women have approached feelings and how they have shaped their hearts within their cultural context. We will also, actually we will especially study how some artists have changed their culture by using their sensibility and how they have tried to reform the concept of sensibility. Thus the goal of this course is to see how our "heart" has changed and how its speeches and voices have modified its inflections, music and rhythm throughout the centuries.