Work Orders


These are telephone or E-mail requests from students, staff or faculty requesting minor maintenance, repairs, cleaning, etc. These requests may involve such things as problems with plumbing, locks, no heat, spills, etc. These minor problems are normally resolved within a few hours or days after we receive them and should rarely exceed five working days.

Emergencies are handled immediately. We define an emergency as a situation in which human life is at high risk or serious injury is likely or when significant damage or destruction of property and/or buildings is probable.  If you have an emergency, please call the Customer Service desk at extension 5656 and we will dispatch the appropriate trade as soon as possible.  If it is after hours, please dial Campus Security at extension 2222.

Once work has started on a service request, it is usually completed within a few hours with existing shop materials.


Work orders are requested through the Customer Service department in Plant & Construction Services.  A request may be made either by calling, ext. 5656, or emailing,  When requesting a work order, please be sure to provide as much information as possible regarding what needs to be done, the location of the issue (building and room/office number) and your contact information.

Once a work order has been entered the requester will receive an automated email with their work order number.  They will also receive automated emails when the status of the work order has been changed.


These are requests submitted as Work Orders which involve more time-consuming repairs or minor alterations. This may include work that will require significant labor, procurement of materials, or the services of an outside contractor. This Work Order must have the appropriate signature approvals and requesting department authorization to use a budget. An estimate letter will be sent to acquire this authorization. These controls ensure that the work will be reviewed by the Project Coordinator before starting the project/work order request and that sufficient funds are available to complete the work. The type of work determines whether the requesting department will be charged. Please see the following section on fees for further explanation.

Work Orders may involve estimating, planning, ordering of materials, scheduling and monitoring the progress and quality of the work. Because we do not have the resources to respond to all requests as they are received, Work Orders are prioritized and scheduled accordingly.


This is internally generated work, such as preventative maintenance and routine custodial cleaning, groundskeeping and the daily operation of our facilities and grounds.


Plant & Construction Services is responsible for the cost of routine maintenance & repair of grounds, buildings, most built-in equipment and utility systems.

Installation, repairs, maintenance and alterations of furnishing or special equipment used by various academic and business departments (e.g. lab equipment, computers, desks, chairs, bookcases, file cabinets etc.) are charged to the requesting department. Interior decorating, such as painting or floor and window coverings, is normally funded as part of the Renewal and Replacement Budget. Funding for these items is very limited with priority given to common areas designated by Plant & Construction Services.

When department funding is involved, Plant & Construction Services will, upon request, provide architectural/Project Coordinator assistance and estimates of the cost prior to beginning work. If the estimate is accepted and department budget approval is provided, the work will be scheduled. When the work has been completed, the requesting department is charged the cost of the approved estimate.

The department is charged only for the materials and outside contractors' costs if applicable. In-house labor costs are not included.

After regular hours and during weekends and holidays, Plant & Construction Services select personnel are on-call to assist in case of an emergency. To get help after regular hours, call Campus Security ext. 2222 or (509)313-2222. The Offices of Plant & Construction Services are located in the west area of the campus at 1004 N. Ruby Street. Mailing address: 502 E. Boone Avenue, CG Box 81, Spokane, WA 99258-0081

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