Frequently Asked Questions

1 . What should I do if I live in University housing and I lose my room key or access/ID card?^

If you live in campus housing (dorms or rental houses/apartments) and keys or key access cards are lost, please call the Housing Department  immediately at  Ext 4103 (509-313-4103).   Housing keys and key access cards will be reissued through the Housing Office.

2 . What should I do if my key or key card becomes damaged or no longer works and I live in University housing?^

Campus residents need to call the Housing Office (509-313-4103) when room keys become damaged or no longer work.  The Housing Office will put in a work order to Plant & Construction Services, Customer Service requesting a replacement room key(s). The campus locksmith will create new key(s) and deliver them to Housing.  Damaged, lost keys are to be exchanged for a new key through the Housing Office.  If your building entry key access card is lost or damaged, please contact the Housing Office 313-4103 for replacement information.  Please notify the Housing Office (509) 313-4103 immediately if you lose your building entrance key card or keys.  It's a Security risk for lost keys and ZAG CARD key access cards!!  For ZAG CARD features and information go to

3 . Who should I contact if I live in Residence Halls and I have problems with cable TV connections?^

Comcast/Xfinity Cable TV is available in all student housing/dorm rooms. Comcast/Xfinity provides GU Basic Cable Channel Line-up.  Additional Comcast packages are NOT available in Campus Housing.

If all GU Basic Cable channels are not reflected, residents may need to program the TV using the TV Remote (not a Universal remote).  Select the CATV or Auto Programming options on the TV to get the GU Comcast Channel Line-Up.   

If all channels/pictures on your TV are "fuzzy" check your cords, they may be bent, bad or not properly connected at the TV or wall jack.  If only the lower channels (ie 1-12) are "fuzzy" then it may be a Comcast/Xfinity problem.  If you have an older TV you may need a Channel Master Converter Box/Remote to get the Gonzaga University/Comcast service.  Limited quantity of Channel Masters are available for purchase per work order request to IT Tech Support.  Please call IT Tech Support at ext 5550 or e-mail: to generate a work order for the Gonzaga University Telecom Techs who will assist with initial trouble-shooting.

If the Gonzaga University Telecom Tech is not able to solve the problem and it is determined to be a Comcast service issue, the Gonzaga University Telecom Tech will let students know if Gonzaga or student will need to call Comcast/Xfinity Customer Service at 1-877-824-2288 to coordinate service work.

4 . Where can residents get TV cables, telephone, and data cords?^

In general, longer TV cable cords (coax) and data cords are available at local retailers that sell electronics, ie Radio Shack, Best Buy, Fred Meyer. 

Gonzaga University Telecom Department will provide phone line and curly cords for campus room phones per Work Order Request.  Contact IT Tech Support  at (509)313-5550 or  Please provide building, room number, your name and call back phone number when sending in Work Order Requests.

Additional phone, data and TV jacks will not be installed.

5 . Is Cable TV provided in Gonzaga Unversity Rental Houses?^

Students living in Gonzaga University Rental Houses per contract with the Campus Housing Office, can purchase their own TV, phone and internet services.  Campus TV Cable, phone and internet services are not provided.    Comcast/Xfinity, Centurylink, DirectTV etc can provide a variety of residential services to rental houses in the area.

Comcast/Xfinity Customer Service 1-877-824-2288 for ordering and service questions.

6 . Who is responsible for washer and dryer maintenance in University residence halls and apartments?^

All washer and dryer installations and service repairs are contracted through the Housing Office (509) 313-4103.  

Contact Plant & Construction Services, Customer Service (509) 313-5656 if there is a lack of power or water to the machine, or if there is a dryer vent problem. 

7 . When a vacuum needs to be repaired or replaced in University Residence Halls or Apartments, who should be notified?^

Residence Hall vacuums are available.  If you need a vacuum cleaner or the residence hall vacuum cleaner needs repair, please contact your building RA/RD.

8 . Where can residents of University Residence Halls and Apartments get refrigerators for rent?^

The Residence Hall Association (RHA)  provides room refrigerators for rent on a academic year basis.  Refridgerators are delivered to the rooms prior to student arrival and are collected at the end of the academic year.   For information please call (509) 313-4166.

9 . Can the beds in on-campus housing facilities be bunked?^

Yes.  Bunk pins are available on a limited bases.  Students can pick up bunk pins at Plant & Construction Services, Customer Service desk, 1004 N. Ruby.  Or contact Customer Service at ext 5656 or (509) 313-5656 or e-mail: and request a work order be entered. 

Please provide the Customer Service staff with the room location and which bed to bunk if you wish to have Custodial Staff assist with bunking.  Students do not need to stay in room and wait for Custodial Staff.  They will enter rooms per the work order request and complete the installation.

10 . If I live in on-campus housing, may I request to have my furniture removed from my room/area of residence?^

All furniture that is provided by the University should not be removed from residence hall rooms/units.  Any missing furniture from the room at check-out will be charged to the students of that residence.  Any requests or circumstances student believes require the removal of furniture must be reviewed and approved by the Housing Director.

11 . Who do I call for facility requests? Computer Help?^

In general Plant & Construction Services is the initial contact for facility repairs, office keys, clogged drains, clean-up and more.  To enter a Work Order, contact Customer Service Ext 5656 -   Plant & Construction Services includes:  Customer Service, Custodial, Grounds, Maintenance, Architect, Project Coordinator.    

For computer, network, wireless support, password reset, phones, cable TV support contact the IT Tech Support Desk at Ext 5550 or

12 . What is the procedure for ordering new keys if I am a Gonzaga University faculty/staff member?^

Faculty/Staff - To request a key call the Customer Service desk at Plant & Construction Services, extension 5656 or email: You will be asked the department, the building, the room number, and who has authorized the request. Customer Service will notify the key requestor once the key is ready for pick-up. 

All keys are to be picked up by the "owner" of the key, in person. A completed green key card, signed by the department's key authorizer, as well as picture identification is needed at the time of key pick-up.

Keys are available for pick-up at the Customer Service desk in the Plant & Construction Services building (1004 N. Ruby) from 7am to 5:30 pm daily, including the lunch hour.  When leaving the University, all keys must be returned to the Plant & Construction Services Customer Service desk.  A pink returned key card will need to accompany each returned key.

13 . What is the procedure for replacing lost keys if I am a member of Gonzaga faculty/staff?^

Faculty and staff who lose Gonzaga keys are required to notify the person who authorized them to have that key. The key authorizer (Vice President, Chair, Dean, Director) will notify Plant & Construction Services, Customer Service Ext 5656 or  Plant & Construction Services and the effected department will determine if there is a security concern requiring a room or building to be re-keyed.

According to policy, the lost key or rekey charges will be paid by the department, it is than up to them to collect the fee from the individual. These charges are not refundable if the key is found at a later date. Lost keys are subject to a minimum $50 fine to the department. Upon a work order request to replace a lost key, an estimate letter will be sent to the department for budget authorization. The departments budget will be recharged for the lost key(s) and the individual will be notified when the key is ready for pick up at the Customer Service Desk, 1004 N. Ruby.   A pink (returned/lost) key card will need to be filled out and a Green key authorization card signed by the key authorizer will need to be filled out to receive the new key.  Please bring picture I.D. when picking up keys.