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Applying for Rhodes, Marshall, Gates, Truman and Other Highly Competitive Graduate Scholarships

Study and travel abroad are often rare and revered opportunities to expand students' world views and cultural horizons. In many cases, overseas study can become much more than that: a seminal or even transformational experience. A period of graduate study abroad often helps students gain the self-knowledge, confidence, and new perspectives on school, work and life that in turn assist in deciding core values, career paths and personal objectives.

Rhodes, Marshall, Gates and other Scholarships are extremely competitive. They are most realistic for students who have compiled outstanding academic records (3.7 or 3.8 and above grade point averages); have evidence of outstanding performance in a wide range of extra-curricular areas; and display personal traits of leadership, character, moral courage, physical vigor, protection of the weak, willingness to "fight the world's fight," and community service.

How to Apply

All interested students are warmly invited and encouraged to submit the following preliminary expression of interest in applying. Please prepare the items as below as a "first screen" for potential applicants. These are designed to become the basis for the full-fledged, final applications:

  • Unofficial College Transcript
  • An outline of a first DRAFT 1,000 word personal essay - This should be a rough outline setting forth the key elements of a personal statement that, in time and with pluck, will become a painstakingly prepared and economically eloquent statement on "who you are, what makes you tick, your passions, your aspirations."
  • Curriculum Vitae - A rough draft of a list of principal accomplishments, extra-curricular activities, community service, religious or spiritual activities, awards, commendations, hobbies, athletic pursuits, and all other noteworthy items that define you as a person.
  • Brief statement of proposed course of study and why you are qualified - Please, if possible, explain which university you are interested in and, if relevant, with which professor or department.
  • Names of Referees for Letters of Recommendation - Provide the names and titles of at least 5 and no more than 8 potential referees whom you believe would be willing to write letters of reference for you. Typically the best array of letters is diverse - with ample representation of sources who know the candidate well in many different contexts ranging from academic to extra-curricular.

Selection for 2010-11 Scholarships will begin Students are encouraged to submit the above items as soon as possible electronically to  The sooner materials can be received, the better as it will enable the substantial work and feedback needed over the summer to commence. Application deadlines for Rhodes and Marshall are at the very beginning of October 2010, hence the need to be "polishing" applications in September, rather than initiating them.

 Applications are typically submitted on a geographic basis. Each applicant may apply either from his or her home state of residence, or the state in which the student has attended college. Please take note that each candidate must procure a Letter of Endorsement from Gonzaga University. Participation in the process described here is a prerequisite to the University's decision to grant this endorsement.


For detailed information on specific scholarships, please consult the following links:

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