The Ministry Institute at Gonzaga University is a center for faith education, spiritual renewal and leadership in ministry grounded in the Roman Catholic and Jesuit traditions. The Institute assists women and men in discerning or enhancing roles in ministry and in developing spirituality and ministerial identity. It emphasizes both communal participation and the worth of the individual and values dialogue, respect for diversity and the nurturing of personal conscience.

We live this out by offering:

Integration Seminars for graduate students at Gonzaga University
in the Religious Studies Program

 Sabbatical Programs for ministers from around the world

 Outreach to the community through
workshops, retreats, and online opportunities
to help all participants
develop their own spirituality and ministerial identity


The Ministry Institute - Center for Spiritual Renewal 
405 East Sinto Ave    Spokane, Washington    99202-1849    
(509) 313-5763    bartletts@gonzaga.edu