Writing Style Standards - Part I

The Gonzaga University Writing Style Guide establishes a set of standards for writing marketing and communications materials. Part I lists language usage guidelines for those things particular to Gonzaga University. These standards should be used for communication with alumni, prospective and current students and their families, and benefactors. If not listed here, please refer to the Associated Press Style Guide and Webster’s New World College Dictionary. Other guidelines are often applied for academic writing. Questions relating to this Writing Style Guide should be directed to the Public Relations Office, Ad 031, ext. 6133.

alumni association – Capitalize Alumni Office when referring specifically to Gonzaga’s Alumni Office.

alumni chapters – Capitalize formal Gonzaga alumni chapter names: the Portland Alumni Chapter. Lowercase any other reference to alumni chapters.

College of Arts and Sciences – Always capitalize this formal title. On second reference, refer to the College, and capitalize College.

Core Curriculum – When addressing Gonzaga’s Core Curriculum, capitalize. It is acceptable to refer to the Core (uppercase) on second reference.

Mission Statement – Capitalize Mission Statement when referring to the University’s document. However, lowercase mission by itself: Gonzaga’s mission is based upon Jesuit ideals.

theatre, theater -- Use "theater" except in the following proper names: Gonzaga’s Theatre Arts Program, Russell Theatre.

Trustees, Regents – When referring to Gonzaga University’s policy-making and advisory boards, uppercase Board of Trustees and Board of Regents. On second reference uppercase reference to Trustees and Regents. Trustee and Regent is a formal title for members of those boards: Trustee Mike Patterson served as chairman for three years. A title following a person’s name is lowercased: Mike Patterson, trustee.

university – Capitalize Gonzaga University. On second reference, when referring to Gonzaga University specifically, capitalize University: He is new to the University.

Wall, the – The Wall that separates DeSmet Hall from the Quad is capitalized: Several layers of paint adorn the Wall.