"Celebrating Gonzaga" Books

Celebrating Gonzaga Books
Celebrating Gonzaga: The University and Its People

"Celebrating Gonzaga" runs deep with stories and pictures. Of devotion – the Jesuit from Montana who believed that Gonzaga deserved beautiful grounds. Of courage – the North Idaho business leader who staked his personal wealth as protection for the University in its hour of need. Of academic gifts – the professors who taught biology, classics and history in ways that formed and changed young lives. Of small acts of love, day and night – the beloved switchboard operator who became the de facto mother to generations of Gonzaga students.

Gonzaga University rose in a frontier town more than 125 years ago – an outpost of faith and education in the untamed Northwest. Such a feat could not happen without those people who bent their lives into instruments of love, prayer and hard work, in answer to God’s call.

Then there are Gonzaga’s alumni who internalize the call to be men and women for others. They remain at the heart of Gonzaga today – and tomorrow.

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Celebrating Gonzaga: School of Law, The First 100 Years

This is the school's first compilation of the School of Law history – from a night school without a home to skyrocketing enrollment and constant evolution to meet the needs of an ever-changing community. Meet the creators and the characters who led the Law School to national prominence. Written by Spokane's Dan Webster, this book is being published in conjunction with the Law School's centennial celebration.

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