The following employees were recognized for their longtime service to the University at the May Anniversarian Dinner in the Herak Club Room.

45 Mike Herzog, professor emeritus and chief of staff
40 Fr. Bernard Coughlin, S.J., chancellor
35 Carol Magnuson, manager, Crosby Center
Paul Hastings, associate professor, Counseling Education
Amy Kelley-Peacock, professor, Law
Fr. Steve Kuder, S.J., associate professor, Religious Studies
Fr. Bob Lyons, S.J., associate professor, Integrated Media
Jon Sunderland, associate professor, Physical Education
Dwight Smith, lead security officer, Campus Security 
Kai Uahinui, database architect, IT
George Critchlow, professor, Law
Robert Aitken, project coordinator, Plant Services
30 Henry Batterman, associate professor, Italian
Eddy Birrer, professor, Accounting
Keith Gauthier, maintenance supervisor V, Plant Services
25 Dale Abendroth-Lenski, assistant professor, nursing
Mark Alfino, professor, Philosophy
Elaine Baierl, administrative assistant, Foley 
Julia Bjordahl, office manager/executive assistant, President’s Office
Paul Buller, professor, Management
David Calhoun, associate professor, Philosophy 
Sydney Chambers, associate professor, Foley 
Chris Gill, chief information officer, IT 
Kent Hickman, professor, Finance
Doug Kries, professor, Philosophy 
Al Miranne, associate professor, Sociology 
Linda Pierce, associate professor, Foley 
Patricia Terry, associate dean, Arts and Sciences 
Michael Treleaven, associate professor, Political Science
Mary Pat Treuthart, professor, Law
Vicki Young, legal secretary, Law Clinic
Faculty Emeritus John Burke, Math
Betsy Downey, History
Mike McBride, Psychology
Jane Rinehart, Sociology and Criminal Justice 
Al Fein, Education
Jennifer Nelson, Education
Jon Sunderland, Education