FAQ for Students

1 . Is it okay to call and ask if I have any mail in my box?^

No, as we are unable to verify who the caller is. Plus we do not have time to check numerous mail boxes each day.

2 . Can I get my mailbox checked without a mail key?^

Yes, only if you have already ordered and paid for a new key. You must have a valid ID to do this.

3 . What do I do if I lost my mailbox key?^

Purchase a new key for $5.00 (prices subject to change). Come to the mailroom window to order a key.

4 . How much does a mailbox cost?^

$35 per school year and $10 per summer.

5 . Is it ok to have someone else's mail sent to my box?^


6 . Can I have someone else pickup my mail?^

No. (Some extenuating exceptions may apply.)

7 . What time does mail and package slips get put in boxes?^

USPS mail is usually put in boxes by 11:30 a.m.
USPS and FedEx package slips are in boxes by approximately 1:00 p.m.