FAQ - General

1 . What Information should I have before inquiring about a lost package?^

Please have your method of shipment, tracking number, and information about how the package was addressed.

2 . What time does the USPS, UPS and FedEx mail get delivered/picked up?^

USPS Mail is delivered at approximately 8 a.m. and picked up at 3 p.m.
UPS is delivered at 11:30 a.m. and picked up at 2 p.m.
FedEx is delivered at 11:30 a.m. and picked up at 2 p.m.

3 . What are alternatives for outgoing mail after 3 p.m.?^

In all of these shipments mailroom can help prepare documents in advance and advise where to take or drop off. You can also go to the appropriate website for additional information.


4 . What are the available options for international mail?^

Express mail (availability depends on location), Air mail and Parcel.

5 . What payment methods are accepted?^

Cash and checks only.

6 . What are your business hours?^

We are open from 9 a.m. to  4 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

7 . What packaging material is available for purchase?^

Boxes, bubble wrap, peanuts, envelopes, padded envelopes and packing tape can all be purchased at the mailroom.

8 . What types of special services are available for outgoing mail?^

Express mail, global priority, certified mail with return receipt, delivery confirmation, signature confirmation, and insured with return receipt. Special services not available are registered mail.

9 . How much does it cost to mail/send packages like UPS, FedEx, etc?^

Depends on the weight, size and zip code/country. We can't give good estimates across the counter without that information. You can also get a close estimated cost by using the appropriate website.


10 . How should we have our incoming mail addressed?^

Student Name
Gonzaga University MSC# or AD Box#
502 E Boone Ave
Spokane WA 99258

Correct addresses prevent late or lost mail.