Acceptable Use Policy


The use of computer and network resources has become a vital part of the daily life of many of the students and employees at Gonzaga University. The growth of the Internet, the use of computers for documents and presentations, the expansion of campus networks to residence halls, and the use of e-mail as a means of communication have all become a part of everyday life for universities around the world. This integration of computers and networks into everyday life has made it essential that users are aware of their responsibilities when using these services.

Gonzaga's Acceptable Use Policy was developed to inform the user of their responsibilities when using computing services at the university. It applies to all students and employees at the university and every student and employee is required to sign the Acceptable Use Policy to acknowledge their understanding of the policy.

Note Regarding Previous Versions of the Network Access Policy
Prior to August 5, 1998, the Acceptable Use Policy was known as the Network Access Policy. Those that have signed a Network Access Policy do not need to sign the new Acceptable Use Policy.

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Acceptable Use Policy [pdf format]


- All systems are operating normally. 


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- Blackboard: Thursday 11 PM until Friday mornings at 3 AM. It may be unavailable during that time
- Network: Friday evenings beginning at 5:00 PM. The network may be unavailable at that time


    Information Technology Services

    IT Support Center (Faculty/Staff): 
    Monday - Friday: 7:00AM - 5:00PM
    Saturday & Sunday: Closed

    Next Gen Tech Bar (Students):
    Monday - Friday: 7:30AM - 8:00PM
    Saturday & Sunday: Closed