Gonzaga's Expectations Regarding Professional Development

One of the most important functions of managers and supervisors is to effectively manage resources, and one of the most important resources they have is the staff they supervise. Managing them (and consequently their performance) begins with designing the jobs - determining what duties are important to include in a job, what the qualifications are to fulfill those duties and what level of performance is needed to meet the mission of the department. Professional development continues with the filling of the job with the best candidate, the training of the new hire and the continuous coaching to clarify expectations.  

Professional development is important to being a good supervisor and clarification of expectations and performance feedback is also important to those they supervise. Consequently, all supervisors are expected to participate in performance management of their staff.

The most important step managers can do to successfully manage performance is to meet regularly with their direct reports.  Please click below for resources when engaging in these meetings:

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