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Given that most employees want to succeed, the best way to allow them to do that is to provide clear direction, regular information about how they are doing and access to the coaching they need to continually improve over time.  Effective performance feedback is given and received as an opportunity for growth and development.  This creates a motivating environment for employees to excel and minimizes performance problems or the need for corrective action procedures. 

To learn a consistent approach and practical tools for providing effective performance feedback, please click here to register for our workshop on Giving and Receiving Feedback.

Supervisor and Human Resources representatives each play a part in the performance management process.  To learn more, please click on the link below.


The Performance Management Packet below contains tools to assist supervisors in managing performance

Use a Performance Notice, Corrective Action Plan or Letter of Expectations when you have identified a performance problem and are looking for ways to improve the performance of an employee. Performance documentation tools play an integral role in correcting performance discrepancies in an effort to improve performance or modify behavior.

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